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Notable for lyricists, producers and publishers, say hello to Spotify’s new global home.

The work of lyricists, producers and publishers reveals a lot about what we do at Spotify – notably, we have created a central space for the community that Spotify offers, discovers new opportunities and collaborates with each other. Through us New websiteEmail Newsletter, Instagram, And Twitter, You will get the latest news – it’s updates of relevant products and services, new programs or video resources, or just the opportunity to connect.

Notable websites

Notable websites

Our new Notable sites Central to accessing all the resources we’ve made available to the songwriting and publishing community. Here, you will find relevant information Spotify publication analysis, Spotify for artists, Lyricist page, We have just launched Lyricist hub, Or Soundbetter, And you’ll find answers to your most common questions, as well as live Spotify and large industry news.

We aim to inform and inspire with our video series Game plan And Lyricist Saturday, Featured Julia Michaels, Boi-1da, And more. Later this year, we will also launch a new series for students and budding lyricists and producers, entitled “How I Started, How It’s Going”, an educational partnership with world-class producers as they walk through their careers as well as “start singing”. Video series Ali Tamposi And Copper Caperelian, Training new lyricists and artists to enter this complex art.

Bit Drop Newsletter

Bit Drop Newsletter

There are several ways to keep in touch. Our new monthly newsletter, The Beat Drop, will feature industry news you can’t miss, events (virtual for now!), And significant releases for the month. You can sign up for a bit drop on us Site. We will continue to talk to you about our notable issues Instagram And Twitter Channel – Here, we look forward to hearing about what you’re working on and who you’re hoping to collaborate with.

So whether you are a publisher, brand new lyricist, producer, or have countless hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you, bringing these resources and opportunities to a new central home and expanding to new regions around the world year after year.

Join us Instagram This weekend our lyricist and publishing relationship is about bringing notes to life to hear live from the team.

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