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This selection, too Handled carefully, Is Updated every WednesdayAfter listening for hours, hundreds of recent songs have been added to the Spotify library.

Always remember: for music, for anything else, Always quality before quantity.

October 21, 2020

10 new indie songs This is worth listening to selected for you last week.

Featuring :

Viagra Boys / King Cryosote / The Stone Fox / Sharon Van Eaten / Lantern Lake / Paddy Hannah / Matt Berninger, Gayle Ann Dorsey / The Mountain Goats / San June / James Blake /

Viagra boy

Viagra Boys

Not nice
Origin : Stockholm, Sweden
Section : Bad talk rock
King Cruzot

King Creosot

Susie Mullen
Origin : Five, Scotland
Section : Alternative Folk / Rock
Stone Fox

Stone fox

Origin : San Francisco, California, USA
Section : Alternative Blues / Rock
Sharon Van Atten

Sharon Van Atten

Let’s go
Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Section : Alternative people
Lanterns on the lake

Lake lanterns

Origin : Newcastle, England
Section : Alternate Pop / Rock
Paddy Hanna

Rice threshing

My wise addiction
Origin : Dublin, Ireland
Section : Art Rock, Alternative Pop
Matt Burninger, Gayle Ann Dorsey

Matt Burninger

Silver Springs
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Alternate folk / pop
Mountain goats

Mountain goat

Picture of my dress
Origin : Durham, North Carolina, USA
Section : Alternative people
Sun June

Sun June

Karen O.
Origin : Austin, Texas, USA
Section : Indie Dream Pop
James Black

James Blake

Summer is off
Origin : London, England
Section : Electronic, experimental

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