Truth or Myth: Guilty Joy Song

Hello friends, I am writing this blog as the beginning of further discussion because it is actually a big one.

As you have already seen from the title we will talk about “guilty pleasure song” and if you believe that such an object actually exists or if it is a social restriction that prevents us from enjoying any of the tracks.

I was inspired to write about this because our party here (or used) is known as the “Shyam Party”. There will be a quick repeat of this as they play 2000 pop songs that are considered “unknown” by the young and hip crowd. Well, that same crowd often attends a given club singing their heart out without caring about some truly funny song world. I even want to go so far as to say that this is one of the regular participation events held in the city.

And then Spotify also has a “private session” function and yes – you can tell me that you use it for parties where everyone sings and you don’t want to influence the section you create. But I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more time when you’re not interested in showing all your friends that you The song you swore in front of them was “You’re so lame”.

My personal opinion on this subject has changed considerably over time. Back in high school I was a proud believer that rock and heavy metal were the only style that was worth listening to and everything else was just embarrassing and if eaten it was privacy and shame … but then how quickly she screamed in front of me at a Lizo concert Amazing. Oh, how things change 3

After some time and meeting some new people, I realized that every genre of music has something to offer and as long as it is not defamatory for anyone, it should be given a chance. I’m not saying you have to enjoy everything, but rather communicate things with an open mind and open ears. You never know which gem you might stumble upon!

So what do you say about this? What if someone says they just * insert style here * does it change your opinion about them? Have you ever considered this a worthy question?

Any and all thoughts on this are welcome!

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