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It takes courage to be a new artist. Putting your music there for the first time to be heard by the public is a daunting task. In the midst of what was going on in 2020, thousands of new artists debuted on Spotify, finding success, and fans no doubt stayed there “before they exploded”. More than 1,000,000 artists crossed the 10,000,000 monthly audience mark at some point in 2020, and of those artists, 500 did not release music on Spotify before 2020.

As part of our look back on the wrapping year, we want to highlight three new artists who have reached 100,000 monthly listeners and in the process have given fans music that has made a difficult year more manageable. To get a glimpse of what it was like to be a budding artist going from a relatively unknown to a few thousand monthly audiences, we spoke to Canadian Kruner EmanuelWhose track “I need you“Became a music for human connection; teenage North Carolina singer-producer Sword, Whose HyperpoP Stylings follows him and has achieved a record deal with Interscope; And Miami Native Genevieve, Whose unique brand R&B brings together audacity, intelligence and relative weakness. We talked about crossing the 100,000 monthly audience limit with each artist, the songs that helped put them on the map last year, and the most amazing statistics of their 2020 wrapping results.

Jenevieve's 2020 is over

Genevieve 2020 is over

Spotify for Artists: Spotify now has over one and a half million listeners, which is incredible for a new artist. How does it feel to have so many listeners now?

Geneva: The year was so blurry. Finally sharing music with the world and people reacting to it and listening to it and enjoying it, as well as all the ugly and horrible things that happened in 2020, I really couldn’t take a few moments. I wonder how many people are listening to the song. It seems that people have been able to find joy and warmth in these songs. I am so grateful to see so many people enjoy my work. I have been working on my craft since I was 13 years old.

With over 7 million streams and Spotify, your songs “Baby powder“Got a lot of attention. What were your expectations when you recorded it?

I knew “baby powder” was something special. Benji [the song’s producer] And I always try to just create things that excite us. What happens next is beyond our control. But who knows? Things resonate with people in different ways. I think “Baby Powder” was the perfect song to listen to in all those months that we stuck in our house. We couldn’t plan for that. It’s bitter sweet.

Were you surprised to learn from your 2020 wrap?

I couldn’t believe how many countries were being tuned! I only have two songs! It’s crazy. It inspired me the most. People I’ve never met are in South America and Southeast Asia, listening to my voice on their phones and on their computers. It inspires me. I want to go in front of them and meet them as much as possible.

Your music has helped make a very difficult year more bearable for your fans. Did you receive any messages from them thanking you?

I can’t think of any one person or any specific comment. There were many. Many people have shown their love and support, which has really warmed my heart. And yes, it was a crazy year, but the music is a constant. I think we can all agree on that. Music will keep us happy and together. We are together in this matter.

Wrap Glive 2020

Wrap Glive 2020

Spotify for Artists: You are 15 years old and you just started dropping music in July last year but now have about a quarter of a million monthly listeners – that’s quite an achievement. Do you remember when you first hit 100,000 monthly audiences on Spotify this year?

Sword: I remember. It was madness. I never expected that many would listen to my songs and go crazy to see 100k monthly listeners. You can’t really explain the feeling. That day my family went to Wendy’s to celebrate. Whenever I hit a big milestone we get fast food.

As in this conversation, “Strange“Spotify has over a million plays. Did you expect it to fly like this when it was made?

“Astrid” is doing very well, I didn’t expect it. I made that song in half an hour and I thought it was good and interesting but I definitely didn’t expect it to be as big.

Were you surprised to learn from your 2020 wrap? Which stat has blown your mind and why?

That bell people listen to [to my music] It was like “wow” because it’s so many hours and it’s shocking.

Helped your music fans deal with 2020. Have they expressed their gratitude to you?

I’ve got a lot of amazing DMs. So many people say that Kovid was horrible but then I found out about your music. It’s just amazing that at such annoying and weird and frustrating times, me and my friend’s music made people feel better. It’s sick and cold.

Emanuel's 2020 is over

Emanuel’s 2020 is over

Spotify for Artists: You now have about 500K monthly listeners, do you remember when you first hit 100K monthly listeners on Spotify this year? This is a big milestone. How did it feel?

Emanuel: I remember the day my friend / brother / producer told me that we have a monthly audience of over 100K. It was irresistible, I was filled with extreme gratitude. He and I both came together from the basement, it’s a special moment. I have a lot of compliments for everyone who taps into my music. That day my team and I were blessed to harvest a lot.

Your track “I need you“Idris was with a video directed by Elba and Spotify had over 4 million plays. Did you think it would connect with people when you wrote and recorded it?

When I’m making music, behind my mind I’m always hopeful that the song will have legs and a purpose – and people will be released into it. We knew it was special when me and my team created “Your Needs”! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to predict a certain number but we’re proud to see how well “Need You” has worked so far.

Why do you think the song resonates so much with people?

My production team has done amazing work bringing the theme of the record to life. “You need” is about love, it’s about a deep desire for love. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling.

Were you surprised to learn from your 2020 wrap? Which stat has blown your mind and why?

Got upset to know that the music has been listened to for over 394.1K hours! It’s been over 30 years! It’s insane, I’m 27 and the idea of ​​it is mind blowing. Also, it is a wonderful feeling to know that 922 countries have put pressure on us. Hope to see all those countries before we finish our work!

Have you received any messages from fans thanking you for your music in 2020?

We have received many wonderful messages from all over the world! All love is irresistible! I thank God for everyone’s love and support! Someone recently told me that my music has helped them lose someone very close to them. As an artist, and as a channel and as a messenger, it means the world to me. I will never forget these moments.

– Spotify for artists

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