9,000 fans rank all fast service restaurants in EPCOT

EPCOT has some of the best food in Disney World, since EPCOT food and wine festival in restaurants around the World Showcase. You could even say food is THE reason to visit EPCOT.

Earth spacecraft

There are a lot of fast service restaurants at EPCOT, and after asking our readers help us rank the fast service sites in Magic Kingdom WE ALSO HAD to classify EPCOT. We have asked you, dear readers, to do so vote for ALL the fast food restaurants around EPCOT, and you might be surprised by the results.

We asked our amazing readers Instagram to help us classifies all fast service points in EPCOT. We generate rankings based on our VERY sophisticated system that readers give thumbs up for your favorite places of fast service and thumbs down for places that should be at the bottom of the list.

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More than 9,000 readers voted So let’s get started! Let’s start with FUNDS and advancing toward ranking. Do you have any assumptions about the highest level EPCOT fast food restaurant ?!

10 – summer party

Starting from the bottom of the list at number 10, we have it summer party in the German EPCOT pavilion. 41% of you gave a thumbs up for bratwurst and pretzels, but 59% of you are not big fans of this German food.

summer party

Summer party only Recently added mobile order as an option so you can skip the row, but if bratwurst and sauerkraut aren’t really yours, you might want to skip this point.

Click here for a review of the Sommerfest bratwurst.

9 – Katsura Grill

The next one with a ranking of 9 is Katsura Grill, hidden in the pavilion of Japan, near the beautiful Japanese garden, where it can be found sushi and teriyaki options as well as pork ramen!

Katsura Grill

With a ranking of 54% thumbs up i 46% thumbs down, Katsura Grill is little on the list, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip this unique place on your next visit to EPCOT. You can even sit and eat overlooking the Japanese garden, so be sure to try Katsura Grill at least once.

Read our review of Katsura Grill here.

8 – Provisioning port

Provisioning port is located near the Canada Pavilion and has landed at number 8 on the list with a vote of 59% thumbs up. This place is known for its frequently changing menus special festival dishes as this year Stewed beef putin!

Provisioning port

For most of the year, you can also find the classic Traditional putin at the Refreshment Port, but check out the menu for special festival deals.

Here is our review of the 2021 EPCOT Wine and Wine Tourism Festival on the Refreshment Port.

7 – Lotus Blossom Cafe

In a respectable ranking in 7th place is Lotus Blossom Cafe. Located in the China Pavilion of EPCOT, here you can find dishes like orange chicken with steamed rice, potstickers, egg rolls, fried shrimp rice and vegetarian stir-fry. This restaurant also has a restaurant outdoor covered seating area, which is useful on rainy Florida days.

Lotus Blossom Cafe

Lotus Blossom Cafe received 61% thumbs up and in general it is a fairly popular place. However, while many of the menu items are tasty, many of Lotus Blossom Cafe’s meals can be found at your favorite place. local Chinese takeaway, Keep this in mind at your next EPCOT visit.

Read our review of the Lotus Blossom Cafe here.

6 – Sliced ​​pizza

If you feel like taking a slice of Sicilian pizza, Sliced ​​pizza it is the place to go. With 67% inches up, Pizza al Taglio ranks number 6. Maybe the bottom ranking is because this place is open seasonally, that means it may not be open during your visit.

Sliced ​​pizza

Here you can find Sicilian slices thick and cut into squares of pizza there Really well. This is not yours Disney World average pizza, and they also serve unique cocktails!

Click here to read our review of Pizza al Taglio.

5 – Sun stations

Sun stations is hidden in EPCOT ‘s Future World, located in the same building (the Land Pavilion) as Living with the land and Soarin ‘Around the World. Here you will find a wide variety of foods, from classics like burgers and pizza a salmon salads and power, and they have it too vegan and vegetable options. With 69% inches up, is located in the middle of the EPCOT fast service sites.

Sun stations

There are plenty of seating inside and Sunshine Seasons also has one grab and go section for REALLY quick options. And don’t forget to check it out bakery case for delicious desserts like cupcakes!

Read our review on a princess cupcake at Sunshine Seasons here.

4 – Regal Eagle Smokehouse

In 2020, the Regal Eagle Smokehouse replaced the Liberty Inn in the EPCOT American Adventure Pavilion. This restaurant offers American barbecue dishes and craft beers, and there are plenty of seating, both inside the restaurant and outside. In a No. 4 ranking, Regal Eagle received 75% thumbs up.

Eagle gift

This restaurant is named after the famous Muppet, Sam Eagle, and gestures can be made all over the space, inside and out. If you are in the mood for one Sliced ​​Texas Beef Grill Sandwich, this is the place to visit.

Here is our full review of Gift Eagle Smokehouse.

3 – Yorkshire County Fish Market

One of the most popular EPCOT fast service locations is the Yorkshire County Fish Market in the United Kingdom pavilion. Ranked at number 3 with 76% thumbs up, this is THE place (okay, besides Rose and crown) achieve Fish and potatoes and EPCOT.

Yorkshire County Fish Market

In the past, you often found a long queue at this restaurant, but with A mobile order has recently been added, you can grab an outdoor table not far from the order window while you wait to delve into your delicious flaked fish and chips (also known as chips).

This is what we think about Yorkshire fish and chips.

2 – The Cantina de Sant Angel

We are almost there! Entering with a ranking number 2 is The Cantina de Sant Angelo in the pavilion of Mexico with 81% thumbs up. With covered outdoor seats next to the water and a menu of fresh elaborate classic mexican dishes, this place is a victory.

The Cantina de Sant Angel

La Cantina’s menu offers tasty dishes such as BBQ or Chicken Tacos, Cheese Pies, Nachos, Guacamole, and more, ia the cheese side costs $ 0.75! What else do you need?

Read our review of La Cantina de Angel here.

1 – Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

The winner of all EPCOT fast service sites, ranked by our readers, is none other than Bakery and pastry shop Les Halles with a whip 89% thumbs up! This is THE place where fresh sandwiches and decadent pastries. Located at the back of the French pavilion, you can get a full meal or a delicacy of classics such as Croissant Jambo Cheese or Quiche Lorraine a Chocolate Brioche or Macarons.


This is one fan favorite place and you’ll usually find a long line, but the wait is worth it. There are limited seats inside, but you can find other places in the French pavilion to sit and eat. If you want fresh sandwiches and desserts, stop by Les Halles!

Check here everything you can offer in Les Halles.

And that’s how our dear readers rated EPCOT’s fast-service restaurants. Did your favorite reach the top? Keep reading DFB for all your Disney World food news and updates.

Check out how 15,000 fans have rated Magic Kingdom’s fast food restaurants.

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Where was your favorite EPCOT restaurant ranked on the list? Tell us in the comments!

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