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Let’s talk about single energy. Every time an artist releases a new song, they not only fulfill the desires of their hardcore fans, but they also give more casual listeners the opportunity to dive deeper into the artist’s catalog, starting with dipping their toes in the music. Time to create anticipation for future releases. Each new single is an opportunity to transform a casual or extinct listener into a very busy fan, who is prime for a full-length project.

From today, artists and their teams can use our marquee tool to promote not only their new albums and EPs, but also their singles. Now, through Marquee, artists and music marketers can notify their main audience on the app, while a new track goes down on Spotify.

We drove this new power last year with a select group of artists and the team, one such artist was Pompano Beach, Flatty. Jackboy, Who, at the time, was preparing to release his third (!) Project, Love Me Why I’m Here, in December.

A member of Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang Collective has signed a contract with The Indie Powerhouse Empire. His team at the label and distribution company was tasked with keeping the dynamics of the young artist whose videos and tracks have gone viral since his breakout song. “GrimesDebuted in 2017. Under the Kodak branch, but certainly not in its shadow, Jackboy has since made a special place for himself as an emerging rap superstar and an entertaining figure on social media.

“Jackboy was someone who was really cheerful – and a lot of artists – but we noticed that his fanbase was actually quite acceptable to him, dropping frequently,” said Tef Mogas, product manager at Empire Jackboy. In 2020, there was no alternative to developing live performances and touring fans, once the only way for a relatively new artist like Jackboy to hold people’s attention was to be productive and ubiquitous. “His whole point is pressure: ‘I want to apply pressure.’ Its a hit title).

Jackboy had already recorded a lot of music and was recording more, with the intention of flooding the market with full-length projects, but Moody & Empire’s digital and creative vice president Moody Jones saw the opportunity to maximize his musical influence by strategically releasing a single: “He 14, 15 Wanted to do the project]Mogas recalls. “[But] We wanted to give him a chance to do a ramp and actually offer to do a project promo, which was opposed to skipping a project and then marketing through music videos. With streaming, we want to bring out a single, and this gives you the opportunity to be the only focus for your fanbase and it expects them to have a complete project. He liked it. ”

The single they chose to promote with Marquee was “Aggy. Released in late October, the song included the multi-platinum hitmaker Tiga and it was a perfect opportunity to attract new listeners who are Tiger fans and those who have never heard of Jackboy again. “Having a song with him and Tiga increases the chances of those listeners turning into fans, especially since the song is really good, and the song had a video,” Jones said. Jackboy and Tiger saw a full-screen recommendation of about 100,000 “Aggie” to US listeners, and each converted listener streamed the song an average of three times. And, fans showed no desire to stop – 29% of listeners who streamed the single saved it to their library or added it to a private playlist. Jones added, “The average stream per listener and the intent rate of the Marquee promotion showed that fans would continue to stream Jackboy outside of the campaign and speed up the album.” I’m here to love.

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