Make your own Mickey pumpkin wreath at home in 7 easy steps.

The magic of autumn is in the air and you can now stay tucked away in your front door thanks to new DIY tutorial by Mallory Erin Makes!

© Mallory Erin Makes

Content creator and craft guru has just released a step-by-step tutorial that teaches Disney fans how they too can channel the magic of Main Street, in the United States, into their own holiday decorating efforts.

In only seven steps, Mallory Erin Makes sums up how you can turn some foam into a Disney masterpiece.

Wreath of flowers

© Disney

What you need

Are you interested in making one? Here’s what you need:

  • A half sphere of foam
  • Two foam discs
  • A softer foam jar
  • Orange and yellow paint
  • A form of wire crown
  • A fall garland

To finish the craft, you will also need some common tools and household items, including one make knife, chopsticks, bows and glue.

DIY Mickey Pumpkin

© Disney

How is it done

  1. Draw the face of Mickey Mouse in the middle sphere. Use the knife carefully to do this partially cut through the foam, removing the excess pieces from Mickey’s mouth and white from his eyes.
  2. Use the knife to cut the discs in Mickey’s ears.
  3. Finish the cut surfaces using the softest foam. Give Mickey time to dry and, if necessary, sand.
  4. Paint your pumpkin with spray or acrylic paint. Use yellow in the cut sections to make your Mickey look shiny.
  5. Place Mickey’s ears on his head using glue and chopsticks. They should extend very close to the flat side of the dome.
  6. Place Mickey on the side and take the shape of the wire crown. Wrap the garland around the wire and use ties or laces to hold it in place. Fill in the blanks with additional foliage.
  7. Finally, pass a tie over the back of Mickey’s head. Use it for connect Mickey to the wire crown.

A little pixie powder later and you already have your Mickey Halloween wreath.


Mickey autumn wreath

© Mallory Erin Makes

Here are the ones from the parks to compare!

Mickey’s crown

Not ready to leave your craft kit? Neither do we! Luckily, Mallory Erin Makes has a whole list of extra crafts with fall themes that you can create.

Mickey ghost ghosts

© Mallory Erin Makes

And for those of us who are less artistically inclined (or simply with less free time), there is no shortage of Disney holiday products to make your home fantastic. Still, choose to decorate, have fun this season!

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these Disney + movies.

Halloween at Walt Disney World

Which project will you try first? Comment below and let us know.

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