[New Music Friday] October, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : October, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Budos Band / Song – Trussinsky Duo / Youngblood Hawk / Mina Tyndale / Tacho Amori / Darlingside / Slow Pulp / Future Islands / Hundredth / Cut Worm /

Budos Band
spotify: Album: 5WDvttBOfFtyNTnke69UCJ: Short
In long teeth
Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Section : Psychedelic Soul, Afrobit, Instrumental
Gun – Trussinsky Duo
spotify: Album: 5mbLZNPWompf0VZ0Vb8gcV: Short
Sound keeper
Origin : Jamestown, North Carolina, USA
Section : Experimental, psychedelic, instrumental
The young hawk
spotify: Album: 7nqNMEDNs70ZMZik5AVON9: Short
The edge of the world
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Indie Pop
spotify: Album: 74qDovpV1EXpkjEtxJPKBk: Small
Origin : Paris, France
Section : Indie Pop
spotify: Album: 6fA79mAHNeBhaUnuWBADwc: Short
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Indie Punk Rock
spotify: Album: 4l3Y57hxx4pkndMSfEg2q7: Small
Fish pond fish
Origin : Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
Section : Baroque Folk Pop
Slow pulp
spotify: Album: 3RVAiBjIsu9OSYPWo6dcDq: Small
Origin : Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Section : Bedroom Pop, Low-Fi
The islands of the future
spotify: Album: 5VRzYNGWztoQLcAkCeUUPE: Short
As long as you are
Origin : Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 0fk3Dd2Cz7esxje40DHoQQ: Short
Somewhere, nowhere
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA

Section : Alternative rock

Cut worms
spotify: Album: 1GvCetmOWQbkkmG6fpXWgu: Small
No one lives here anymore
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Section : Bedroom Pop

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4UKkCTAvqBAWVBnakgxmo2: Short

spotify: Album: 3N7W3kIljmalY4qHNXGKCJ: Short

spotify: Album: 4tv2YHL4ZcpG1wWnOGOakE: Small

spotify: Album: 0OA03FrXlln4FvE30LaEXR: Short

spotify: Album: 2Xt22gwrtjMKQQAayKbw4R: Short

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