On our headphones: October 2020

Hey everyone!

Hope you are doing well and comfortable somewhere with a nice cup of tea. October is the best time of year to wear the most misleading outfits we have while listening to some spooky podcasts or playlists.

In fact some of our choices for this month are the result of the upcoming Halloween. But first, let me take you back a few years.

The first is Katrina. Her choice was inspired by her time capsule. He is playing it over and over again while embracing the feeling of nostalgia. And what a good time to be reminded of the old days when it was cold and rainy outside. The first song is especially dear to him because he keeps it “In many ways, this track brought me to Spotify first.”

spotify: track: 46lFttIf5hnUZMGvjK0Wxo: short

The next 6 mihail. He doesn’t need a time capsule because he is old but he is a great lawyer in gold jams.

“I just like the vibe of ‘s0’s music, I find it incredibly harmonious and rhythmic. My playlist always has at least a few songs from that time. I think this is a sample of this month’s edition for me. ”

spotify: track: 2EGaDf0cPX789H3LNeB03D: small

We continue with Peter who is enjoying the album “Shakti” by the release. With the depressing feeling of autumn, it is sometimes difficult to be productive and concentrate on our fast-paced lives. And I think we all need a little more energy in this.

“I’m enjoying the positive vibe on Disclosure’s recent album, titled ‘Power’. I love that they took 5 years to travel from the game and soak up sound and sample bits from more distant corners of the world, including the South. America and Africa. You ‘Doha You can hear the aftermath of ‘Mali Mali’, in which Fatumata Diawara, a great artist in her own right. “

spotify: track: 5ct0SB2iuiKTyrvGMoae3Z: short

And if you want to slow down a bit- we’ve got you covered. প্রথম Alex’s first choice is perfect for this cloudy day. “It came on my advice and I decided to let it play. I liked it instantly and now I can’t stop listening to it. It makes me feel very warm with the low-fi vibe.”

spotify: Track: 5SjtAe7xzUgHDtNTmt8zS7: Small

The next one on our list is en Zenia. Her choice for making covers is a popular one. Spotify actually has several versions of it, but it looks like Rock and Roll Star Stone Source is the preferred choice for its “Wicked Game” cover at the moment.

“I like the original song by Chris Isaac and recently stumbled upon this acoustic version which is pretty much beautiful.”

spotify: track: 3V1H6liHwCDcWeqdPJabOM: short

Our favorite mode van Evan is already ready for the haunting season and one of his tips relates to the magical world.

An unapproved bonus track included in the soundtrack of one of my favorite childhood movies, “Bells, Books and Candles” by composer Graeme Revel – The handicraft. Perfectly translates the atmosphere of the whole movie to a group of high school girls playing with magic, but in a bad way.

spotify: track: 4ved5BsCyTL5coosNxw1qQ: Small

And last but not least @ Elena. She likes Halloween and can’t wait until October 31st.

“So this month I’ve added some of my all-time favorite ghostly season tu songs. I recently watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show again and Time Warp is playing in the background almost every day. Can recommend both movies and songs!

spotify: track: 4WFeJTXNHIS2wURtwlAkhu: short

You can check out our IOH playlist for the rest of our picks. Enbs the bobs 3

spotify: Playlist: 6lv6DjjryalvuDqg0oirRb

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