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Soundbetter The world’s major music production market. This is where singers, producers, songwriters, session musicians and mixing and mastering engineers go to buy and sell collaborative services that bring music to life.

Now, Spotify expands access for artists Canvas – Enabling more artists to add mesmerizing looping visuals to their tracks – We also include Soundbetter’s offer Canvas Designer Section. So, instead of scouring the internet to work with a graphic designer, you can now go to Soundbetter to find the right designer for your canvas creation needs.

And these are not just any designers, they are professionals who know what looks best and works best at Spotify. We have such visual artists in the curated marketplace WEWRKWKNDS (Billy Ilish, Z, Katy Perry), Ian Izer (Lil Survives, Pop Smoke), and Blunt Action Studio (Bad Rabbit, Blackbeard) – We chose the designers because of their unique talents and how well they performed in Spotify their previous creativity.

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Polo and pan canvas for “feeling good”

Canvas is a marriage of sound perspectives, providing a way for artists to express perspectives and at the same time deepen the audience’s connection with the music. The canvases you create can also be shared outside of the Spotify app. When an audience shares your track on their Instagram story, they’ll see your canvas loop in the background – with details of the track and a link for fans to “play on Spotify”.

With these three to eight-second looping images displayed in the “Play Now” view, artists can add a layer of unique branding to a new release or give a visual refresh to older releases that will appeal to the audience. In fact, we’ve tracked the effectiveness of adding a canvas to a track in beta, and we’ve found that when viewers see a canvas, they’re more likely to keep streaming (average vs. control group + 5%), share the track (+ 145% ), Add it to their playlist (20%), save track (+ 1.4%), and view your profile page (+ 9%).

To learn more about Canvas, its specs, our content policy, and to be inspired by what your canvases might look like, visit here Canvas site. For designers to browse curated marketplaces Soundbetter section.

– Spotify for artists

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