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In the Magic Kingdom’s Rapunzel Baths area, arguably the property’s best baths, there’s a semi-hidden secret that could easily be fun and a free hunt for kids and families or adults alike: hidden pascals. Rumor has it that around the small stream and the baths themselves, there are 10 hidden pascals, but the 10th Pascal seems to be hiding very well and no one (the author included!) Seems to be able to find him. If you want a detailed guide on where to find each Pascal, keep reading, but if you want to try the challenge yourself (and use it to check out your work), stop reading here.

Pascal # 1: This Pascal is nailed to the rocks next to the car park of the stream stroller, is stone gray in color and looks best from the bridge in Plaça de la Llibertat. Look for the fold of the forehead to remove it from the rocks.

Pascal # 2: Just below the bridge, hidden between the rocks and the plants, there is a green-green Pascal, his red eyes are a stark contrast and help to distinguish him from the rocks.

Pascal # 3: Stay in the same place, the next Pascal is not too far away! On the other side of the stream, next to the Memento Mori building, is a pale green pascal, easy to find against rocks, water and moss.

Pascal # 4: Look nearby (or back in the same place) and you’ll find three boxes of flowers in the Memento Mori building. Look in the middle shadow. Beneath the box hides a yellow / brown pascal.

Pascal # 5 and # 6: All right, now head to the Enchanted Mansion Road. You will want to stop around the area of ​​the stream, in front of the rocks next to the baths. Look around the corner of the Memento Mori building for 5 and the tree for 6. The one on the tree may be hard to find, but look for an interruption to the natural pattern of the tree.

Pascal # 7: This one is back in the area. Go to the fence against the stream and look down. A dark gray Pascal, again contrasted by red eyes, is found among the rocks near the stream.

Pascal # 8: Going back a little now, back to the stroller section, near where we were before, on one of the lantern poles, there is a brown pascal. Look for a bump at the top of the message, and that’s Pascal.

Pascal # 9: This is the only one that is immediately near the bathrooms, it is in one of the window boxes above some of the posters. This Pascal is green and his eyes differentiate him once again from the flowers.

Pascal # 10 is what has eluded me on several occasions from watching. I wish I could give any indication of where the last one might be, but I can’t. If you find this last Pascal, consider yourself a very serious person. Good luck and good hunting!

Daria Griffis is a lifelong Disney fan and type 1 diabetic. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Technical Theater, with an emphasis in lighting design. She has been writing all her life and is very happy to have the opportunity to join the TouringPlans team.

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