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In early 2020, LecraeIts small but shiny marketing team Reach the record Successful Christian had big plans to release his ninth studio album, Restoration. It wasn’t just the name of the album, but an integrated concept behind the project that would drive all their creative marketing plans. “It simply came to our notice then Restoration It will feel like a complete ecosystem, ”said Katie Alberts, SVP of operations at Rich A. “She is like, I want Restoration To be the theme of what I am doing Prison, To be the theme of what I’m doing in music with the podcast and his book, ‘IM Restore

To cover all the bases for such a broad marketing concept, Lecre’s team in Reich planned out-of-home advertising and experienced marketing, including delivering Lecri’s music and message to the church and incarcerated people through the lens of faith and restoration of justice. But Covid-1 Crisis Crisis released the first single from the album in March in exactly the same way, defying those plans: “‘Set me free“Everything went off during the week and we had to move all our marketing strategies to digital,” explained De Diaz, director of digital strategy and distribution at Rich. We had to reverse it [aspect of the campaign] Digital and ask ourselves how can we support them? And that’s when we started Campaign for gracious release in the vicinity of Kovid-1 And began collecting masks and hand sanitizers for prisons and supplying them during recovery [campaign] – A total pivot from the original plan, “Alberts adds.

Diaz and Alberts knew they had to make the most of their album release moment and strategically approach the main audience of Lacrey’s Spotify. To do this, they turned to Spotify’s latest tool, Marquee, to promote new music. Through the targets of Marquee’s audience, they aimed to reactivate Lekri’s lost audience, who hadn’t heard his songs in six months. With the initiative of their main fans in the stream, they needed a way to bring the audience of Lacrey back to his work.

“We liked specific targeting,” Diaz said. “It’s just a group of listeners. We’re not sure who they are. With [audience segments] We can be strategic when we release the marquee and then make sure it’s going to be a less involved part [lapsed listeners] – ‘Cold’ audience. “Their target is paid off% 5% of those who have streamed albums saved a track in their library or added a track to a private playlist, adding a total of less than 800,000 saves and playlists. Streamed – much more tracks than the album’s August 21 release. (The 20-track deluxe version of Restoration was dropped in November.) Using the marquee to help them connect with the audience that began to return to Lekri’s music.

To extend the lifespan of the release moment, Laker’s team in Rich decided to start the marquee after its recovery debut on Monday. Since Marquez is not shown to those who have already actively streamed a track from the album, the campaign has reached new audiences who have not tried to recover over the weekend. Their results say: “We usually see an increase in current from Sunday to Monday after the release of an album,” Alberts explained. It is responsible for the marquee campaign that started on Monday. ” Restoration Billboard’s Top Christian Albums went to number 1 on the chart charts and album tracks, “Sunday morning“Since then, Christian has been nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Music Performance / Song.

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