In our headphones: September 2020

Hello, dear music lovers!

Autumn is knocking on our door and with it another beautiful playlist filled with song suggestions from our moderators, colorful as leaves that will soon cover the sidewalk. So grab yourself a comfortable blanket, a cup of hot cinnamon coffee, put on your headphones and jump straight in!

The first is Katrina, who shares with us Whatever it takes By Hollywood Undead, Which he continued whenever he needed to increase his strength: ” I was listening to it on my first mountain trip, whenever I thought I would give up, my playlist would magically change it. Pretty cool track!

spotify: track: 2ouOVzQTzSsLa2OH1Zxhvu: short

Right after that we have this Intro (rework) remix By Vintage Culture, Bruno B & n Knobs.

spotify: track: 27py1Q0fMmpuSYiOAKBZPb: short

Followed by Team of legends Track The birds of fairy tales are special Feet Kylen Russo and Chrissy Costanza.

spotify: track: 6zAiRKvAMlXHxEtyO4yxIO: short

Here are some suggestions from Elena, who, like all of us, missed this year’s live concert: “This year has not been the best in terms of live shows, but in September I was able to go to a small festival and Tommy Cash Was the headliner for the first day. He performed X-ray 2 times and the crowd both went wild. I’ve been repeating the track ever since and it’s been a good time. “

Spotify: Track: 6EyFNA4x4aYBHVEzu7f1WW: Small

After that comes Unveiled By Fletcher

spotify: track: 1Pj5oOFzLYELyyeh1IYRK0: short

And Ink By Ramil ‘

spotify: track: 5ct1HcejSSMlu6vCyWGNXM: Small

Evan gives us some more nostalgia this time – Ally X.Of Fresh laundry Hall “Rhythmic and surreal. Despite the spooky songs and videos, I found the track interesting and positive. Also, this is not a common word Ally X. This has created a great interesting search that has entered my on-repeat without time. “
spotify: track: 59OLI17MahTupGhjyxaslJ: short

He also advises you to give ThomstonPictorial crew A listening.
spotify: track: 21hMIuZsNrAqhqwt5bHsBH: short

Continuing the nostalgic vibe, erVer comes from two top picks Pray‘S album Nostalgia of the future, And they are here:

Love again – “I was in the car, passing some fields and the song got up and attracted me. Needless to say, I’m repeating it. The part with the violin is amazing.

spotify: track: 4rPkN1FMzQyFNP9cLUGIIB: short

Nice please – “Happy again Pray. It’s pretty clear that I like the singer a lot. It has a very beautiful bob and you can dance in it. “

spotify: Track: 6DXZiYUbrYgrVIhfX3U9Z2: Small

Deep in the nostalgia vibe, another of our modes – en Zenia discovers these tracks in her Time Capsule playlist that she’s been listening to lately:

Things have changed since Bob Dylan

Spotify: Track: 6HE0fZLrv0YMd7X4uvzYot: Small

I’m clutteredOf The path of hope

spotify: track: 62lBbJOSOhxVpTr6BZ76QN: Small

And I will open Album From MGK Group

Spotify: Track: 7JGj2RsdrzPtnwxc3SeWsj: Small

Not too excited as I’m slowly fading into summer, I’ve chosen two songs that warm my heart on this cold night. My first suggestion is a song that someone very special has recently played to me and its voice and lyrics Aqua Naru Touched me sincerely and found a place in my heart and on repeat playlist. The song is called Poetry.

spotify: track: 7hPEetjY7QLRS0lcEBSZKi: short

My other advice comes from the past. It is Vladimir VysotskyOf Phoenician horse, Where artists express their passion for the nature of life with passion – as fast as summer.

spotify: track: 410KyDYs1dqYGHuEuybawj: short

To end things on a main note, we have a suggestion from @ Mario, who recommends at least one living room dance hall a day.

spotify: track: 7CUkeiG7QtB7tPU9f8SANS: Small

You should check out Hand crushed By a mallet Laura Les, Dylan Brady, Here’s why: “I’ve been listening to it for months, initially on and off but more than once all day over the last few weeks. What I like about the song is the mix of power and unexpected pop and very good trap / lightning music. Then I want to dance alone in my living room.

You can find the September playlist here:

spotify: Playlist: 6lv6DjjryalvuDqg0oirRb

As always – good luck and everyone is awesome!

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