[New Music Friday] October 2, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : October 2, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Tempest / Death Valley Girls / The Huna / Corey Taylor / The Jaded Hearts Club / The Nude Party / Born Raffians / Reason Murphy / Theater Theater / Douse /

Spotify: Album: 5zGfpfO04UiTB9g73oFi5F: Short
Must be a dream
Origin : Australia / London, England
Section : Psychedelic rock
Death Valley girls
Spotify: Album: 2cAtSN53M8tOlV8iejBRiS: Short
In the spell of joy
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Indie Rock, Garage Rock
spotify: Album: 6u34jktTRXSNEWTJgqU8L9: Short
I letter you date than let you in
Origin : Watford, England
Section : Alternative rock
Corey Taylor
spotify: Album: 2zXb31jcD4thGh78UbcXzv: Small
Origin : Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Section : Post Grunge / Anu Metal
Jaded Hearts Club
spotify: Album: 4bLyKjPIhAijzz3JLUBJQn: Small
You are always here
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Roots Rock, Garage Rock, Covers, Supergroup
Naked party
spotify: Album: 3OePCCzmF2nfuEJWQ521eQ: Short
Midnight Manor
Origin : Boone, North Carolina, USA
Section : Psychedelic Garage Rock
Born Rafian
Spotify: Album: 6y48Eg2a9vVNm7Mh8r1eGe: Short
Origin : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Section : Indie Rock, Power Pop
Raisin Murphy
spotify: Album: 5WpDQt6EbpzXbqo9g9P0L6: Short
Resin machine
Origin : London, England
Section : Electronic, Alt Pop
spotify: Album: 7sc80uUN9dNdVB325D7XZ5: Short
Phoenix: My skin is on fire
Origin : Queens, New York, USA

Section : Experimental electronic, experimental pop

spotify: Album: 3esEgXmUs1zjBVqijbZ6RQ: Short
Good luck whatever
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Indie Folk Rock / Americana

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4FjTyjmzgp9TL72Bjsfpq1: Small

spotify: Album: 77VoB0bQcutSiDrEAwwIJr: Short

spotify: Album: 2IBbhiReWTARVVsZuhQBR0: Small

spotify: Album: 6saw4PlEvJobUCEUDTKe2N: Short

spotify: album: 27dPrUSqqstTfOsTRCRiOT: short

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