REVIEW: Did we find a pumpkin coffee BETTER than Starbucks PSL at Disney World?

Hello, autumn! Even if you don’t really feel like falling in Florida, we dream of the days of sweater time, Halloween, and all kinds of pumpkin.

We love it here.

Yes, there are only a few of these warm flavors that set us in the mood for October, so when we see new ones pumpkin spice snacks at Disney World, we’ll try them! Maybe that makes us basic, but that’s how we shoot!

So when we saw it Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew announcing TWO new pumpkin spice snacks, we made a direct line to Disney Springs to try them out. Here is the Pumpkin pie donut and pumpkin infusion. Yes please!


Let’s raise a cup so that all things fall, all of them!

So much fall

Limited time Pumpkin pie donut it is glazed and dusted Cinnamon sugar. The donut is a cake donut, so it’s dense, but we found it interesting that there was no icing. It was tasty, but a pumpkin or cinnamon topping might have occupied it a little more. You can try it for yourself $ 4.50.

Sugar and spices, and all beautiful.

The cold drink is made with Pumpkin oat milk i Pumpkin pie i Vanilla syrups. We recommend that you stir the drink first because the pumpkin pie syrup tends to sink to the bottom; give it a good stir so you get pumpkin at every sip. And you will want that because this cold beer tastes more like pumpkin than Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, so if you are in love with this flavor, this is a must.

Brew Cold Pumpkin

It also includes a lot of Whipped cream – after all, what pumpkin pie does NOT come with a lot of cream? The drink is not overly sweet, although it does have some sweet flavors. The great cold beer is $ 7.50

Whipped cream for DAYS

All in all, if you’re a fan of pumpkin spices, you’ll want to grab these two snacks as soon as possible. Delights are a bit pricey, but at Everglazed we are used to this kind of pricing. We’ll let you know when other fall delights arrive at Disney World.

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Are you a fan of pumpkin spices? Let us know in the comments.

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