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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of lyricists in the process of composing music. They are responsible for the songs, melodies, beats and chords that make up our favorite songs. But as inseparable as they are, lyricists are often behind the scenes and not in front – their names are listed in the credits and the full extent of their contributions is known only to industry insiders. At Spotify, we are committed to supporting lyricists around the world and creating more opportunities for them.

Today, as part of our efforts to support the lyric community, we are thrilled to officially launch it Lyricist hub– A new place on Spotify to find listeners Written by playlists From both established and emerging lyricists, listen to podcasts about the art of songwriting and discover a rolling cast of featured lyricists and cultural moments each month.

Lyricist hub

Lyricist hub

At launch, we’re highlighting its work Fertile Lyricist Himself, After releasing work with him Ariana Grande On his latest work, Terms

“It’s very important for lyricists to have a hub because people need to know who these people are helping to create the soundtrack of our lives. Lyricists are to be commended for their contributions as artists and producers. There are places where people can see who is writing their favorite songs. – Himself

The new hub follows other important launches this year with lyricists and publishers, among others Continued roll-out Written by hundreds of lyricist pages (where you can view a lyricist’s portfolio and credits) and playlists (where you can stream that lyricist’s work). Pages and playlists respect these creators ’extensive and versatile catalogs – and their tracks on Spotify can be discovered with song credits.

Since we launched these pages and playlists, we’ve seen widespread interest from listeners who are interested in finding and following their next favorite lyricist, and we’ve created lyric hubs to make this discovery even easier. The songs included in these pages and playlists, and now found in Hub, have already gained more than 127B streams across Spotify and we look forward to adding more pages for more lyricists that listeners can discover and enjoy. Among today’s recent pages Is, Ant Clemens, Baby rickshaw, Greg Watenberg, Nuni Bao, Ashley Girl And Irving Berlin.

Some of our recently launched lyric pages

Some of our recently launched lyric pages

Earlier this year, we also tested giving three lyricists (Cautious Clay, Mike Dean And Judgment) Opportunity to share behind-the-scenes anecdotes about their careers, playlist video integration in their right by playlist.

Video written by Clay, Mike Dean and Roy by Playlist

Video written by Clay, Mike Dean and Roy, alerted by playlists

After all, a challenging year has adapted many of us to the way we create and collaborate while working remotely, and lyricists are no exception. To share ideas and solutions from the wider songwriting community, we’ve launched two new video series Instagram: Writer’s Pad and Lyricist Saturday. Writers Pad has given us a glimpse of how lyricists and producers have adapted their home studio spaces during 2020, as they let us know their privacy in order to stay creative and productive. This series has taken us around the world to the workplace Rascals, Ali Stone, Cat dahlia, And Hello Remy.

#AuthorPad video on Instagram

#AuthorPad video on Instagram

Similarly, the lyricist let us sit down (practically!) On Saturday Julia Michaels And Boi-1da To hear about their artistic journey and to reflect on some of their proudest moments and releases.

As we close another year, we look forward to working with the lyricist community again in 2021, finding new ways to collaborate, inspire each other and help them with more tools and opportunities. You can stay up to date with the latest by signing up to receive our new lyricist and publisher relationship newsletter Here.

See you next year!

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