Disneyland Paris celebrates Halloween in a GREAT way

Disneyland Paris hosts two theme parks, included Disneyland Park i Walt Disney Park.

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Disneyland Paris has just announced its Halloween plans for 2021 and includes one 38-day Halloween celebration, including a special event on Halloween night! There will be Halloween decorations, Disney villains, new products and more. If you want to learn more about this festival, we have all the details.

Disneyland Paris, Disney Halloween Festival will last from From October 1 to November 7, with a special Disney Halloween Party turned on October 31st! Throughout the festival, guests will be able to enjoy Halloween decorations through the parks, Disney Villains appearances, i photos with characters!

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There will be Halloween decorations at Disneyland Paris 330 pumpkins, 40 ghosts, skeletons, lanterns and light ropes to define the spooky tone. It will also appear at the Halloween Festival Evil in its iconic dragon form, while floating in Disneyland Park.

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Some of the Disney Villains guests can expect to include Captain Hook and the Evil Queen, with photography opportunities at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

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You will also see classics Disney characters with their Halloween costumes, such as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Stitch. There will be specials Magic Shot Halloween photos too.

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The new Halloween merchandise will feature Disney Villains in the “Fabulously Villainous Collection ”, and there will be clothes, accessories and even a lighted cup. These items will be available in Disneyland Paris stores.

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And don’t forget the new Halloween delights! At some table service restaurants, guests can order Disney villains dish which includes a meat dish stuffed with pumpkin and “deadly” wild mushrooms (trumpets of death) and topped with devil sauce (devil sauce). There will also be one Snow White Evil Queen menu with desserts that look a lot like their “poisonous” apple. There will also be snacks, such as Mickey and Cruella gingerbread, also known as Scary Sand Mickey.

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In addition to the Halloween Festival, Disneyland Paris will also host Disney Halloween Party at Disneyland Park from 20:00 to 2:00 on October 31st. This event with entry will allow guests to dress up in costumes, enjoy all the Halloween festivities and experience special entertainment. Tickets can be purchased now!

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