EQUAL – Celebrating Six Months of Expansion of Women Manufacturers Worldwide via Spotify

Six months ago, in celebration International Women’s Day, Spotify has promised to increase the volume of women producers through our EQUAL campaign. One of the five artists currently on the charts, funded by Spotify, is a woman USC Annenberg Studies on the representation of women in the music industry. This knowledge has helped us increase our commitment to resource expansion and the creation of more effective opportunities for women artists. Today our campaign continues to run and equity for women in audio as something like celebrating and acknowledging a milestone marks of six months.

Recognition as a female artist requires a lot of effort and dedication, because unfortunately, social pressures and sexuality still exist in all walks of life, ”said the Brazilian artist. Duda bit, A prominent EQUAL builder, says For the record. “Therefore, the great importance of this Spotify initiative, which will enable us to be equally represented as women in the music scene.

To raise the voice of our creators, we have debuted Equal hub, A one-stop destination featuring the work of women-identifying artists and podcasters. The centralized position is not just for artists. This allows Spotify users to tap on the listening ability to switch to status.

And to further support emerging artists across 35 markets, we’ve unveiled ours Equal music program. Through the program, Spotify has launched 35 equally local playlists to listeners around the world, spanning 50+ countries, as well as a “best” flagship. EQUAL Global Playlist. Playlists have been placed on the Equal Hub platform and local women artists have been spotted in 5 women markets. Also, every month, the hub has a refreshed tracklist as well as a monthly takeover of the rotating artist. We have started the program by highlighting 35 Opening Equivalent ManufacturersIncluding, Luna, Somi, Merrill, And Duda bit, And we’ve featured 175 equal artists that month.

Now, we’re looking at the results of the EQUAL campaign so far – and renewing our commitment to broaden and celebrate the voices of women producers around the world.

It’s clear that our equal artists and local playlists have already created a melody among listeners around the world. In the first month of joining the program, fans added EQUAL artists to more than 600 playlists 1,500 times. And six months later, the same playlists have crossed 29 million streams in 177 markets.

Plus, since the start of the campaign, For the record There has been an opportunity to talk to the artists of the month Georgia Smith, Lido pepper, And more on their expectations for the future of the music industry. The program has ultimately helped build a deeper relationship between fans and notable female artists and create new opportunities for visibility.

“Sometimes people ask me about the best, most groundbreaking moment of my career,” reflected Luna. “I was at the beginning of my journey, but one event was really important and spectacular. In April 2021, I became part of Spotify’s Equal Campaign as the first Polish artist and ambassador for women’s rights in the music industry. And as a result, I was featured on a billboard in Times Square! It was just incredible! It reminded me that something is possible. ”

We are proud to support the voices of women producers around the world, and we are thrilled to make the volume even higher. Work has just begun towards a just future.

Keep using your energy to listen, and stream our EQUAL Global Playlist now:

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