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Listeners want to keep their libraries alive with sophisticated sound, Spotify has the perfect playlist hub: Fresh find. This curated suite of playlists takes a slightly different approach to music discovery, providing a wide platform for independent artists who make noise around the world.

“Fresh Finds is a brand that Spotify created about five years ago,” explains a Spotify editor who looks at emerging artists and trends with a focus on indie. “It’s a particularly unique brand because it focuses on the new-Ish Music – All the music we feature in the playlist was released at least a week ago. When New music on Friday And other playlists are focusing on music that came out that week, combining blogs for the Fresh Finds pattern, and focusing on user listening behavior. “

Every week, Spotify Fresh Finds Algorithm Analyzing these patterns across different genres and regions, the editors “provide a list of the thousands of tracks we’ll see later.” Those songs and lyrics To Spotify’s editorial teamThe editors then consider adding space to the Fresh Finds playlist and its section-specific subsets, including Rock, Hip-hop, Country, And Latin.

“The key to uniting all of these artists is that they are independent.” “The main purpose of Fresh Finds is to fulfill a purpose and to focus on small, independent artists who are showing some attraction.”

Another editor who focuses Fresh Search: Pop, Reviving the opportunity to discover new jobs featured each week. “We try to give as many independent artists as possible shots,” he explains. “It’s very exciting to see the songs we love the most with others. It’s really satisfying, and we hope it’s extremely beneficial for the artists.”

To curate these playlists, the editorial team dives into the songs they present through Spotify’s algorithm, as well as songs sung through Spotify for their artists. They specifically look for tracks from incoming and outgoing artists while reviewing internal metrics and other indicators such as reports of scenes they came from, social media buzz, and online presence of artists. One editor explained, “We’re in the depths of that submission, using our ears and trying to find things that we think are great.” “I pay special attention to what I think to connect with the audience: really young artists or brand new artists who have a new word.”

Another editor of the team added, “This is a really great area for editors around the world to use their ears and their gut.”

Artists have been able to pitch their songs specifically to widen the Fresh Finds pool, allowing editors the opportunity to highlight more musicians. “We didn’t have these tools before. We’ve only been able to get data from Curation, which is amazing. But the pitching tool has given us the ability to dive deeper and find things before they’re published, allowing us to give these artists a platform.” I don’t know how I can be so passionate about this playlist on a weekly basis if I don’t have a pitching tool. “

Although the main Fresh Finds playlist is completely rebuilt each week, tracks for genre-specific playlists can be stuck for about a month, giving them more exposure and giving the editorial team more information about how listeners engage with them. One member of the team explained, “We’re trying to perfect a process where if artists perform well on the original list or genre list, they’ll grow to the next level of playlist through the system.”

This includes major Fresh Finds playlists as well as Discovery-Minded playlists. On our radar, Tracking through new artists’ monthly spotlights and larger work connecting with SpotFi users. Salem Ellis While from the world of Fresh Finds made its way to July’s On Hour Radar playlist Fresh Finds Presents … Class of 2019 Features a significant number of artists who have increased their audience after being featured in the mix, e.g. Lil survived And 100 gecs. There are also echoes beyond the spotify of a Fresh Finds placement. “A lot of people meet their manager, sign a label, or find the producer of their dreams because they’re on this list. We’ve featured over 20,000 artists since the beginning, and since 2017 more than 8,000 artists can call Fresh Spotify their first – Found the first editorial playlist. “

This particular editorial team is serious about their mission to find songs that may have been overlooked and has made many fresh find playlists an ever-changing field of evidence for independent artists. “We’ve had the opportunity to be able to take in new words and new trends, and say, ‘Oh, wow, I’ve heard it a lot. I’ve never heard it before, but now it’s floating all the time. Maybe there’s something,'” the team editor explained. . “It’s a very exciting part of our job feeding not only into our playlist ecosystem but also to other editors.”

– Maura Johnston

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