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Creative effort always demands that you lead with your heart – and rightly so. Practicality is rarely a factor in the pursuit of art, which makes Michael Shines’ story so interesting. The Minnesota-based artist has been creating and serving music for several years in and around Twin City Dive and his own state.

It was really when a family of soulful singer-songwriters started that he became extremely serious about music, but instead of settling down to a passion to do five things, Shines doubled down, a creative outlet determined to make music not just for him, but a career. As well as the fact that she can survive and help her family – and that’s it Soundbetter Comes.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, Shines has signed up to the music platform that connects artists with the world’s top music professionals to provide her services as a singer and songwriter. (Soundbater was acquired in 2019 by Spotify.) Thanks to Soundbetter’s connection, structure and comfort he was able to stay close to home, watch his family grow up, still wake up every morning and make music in his home studio, sometimes collaborating with artists in remote places. Such as Brazil or Sweden.

In the latest episode of How the Made It, we’re going to Minnesota to learn more about her story, including a life-changing collaboration with a Polish dance-pop trio. Komodo– who reached out to Shinees via Soundbetter – resulting in millions of streams and live performances in Europe.

Watch the video above, plus read more about the story and collaboration of Michael and Commodore Here.

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