In our headphones: August 2020

O people,

With the end of August, it’s time to share with you the tracks we had this summer (whether in the office or on vacation) in this month’s edition In our headphones.

As always the moderator team selection is a new release from the likes of the old times which has reached us through some of the favorite features of our Spotify app. Discover weekly And Leave the radar. So let’s jump straight in without any trouble!

Ater Katrina shared with us that “August was the month of spot-on autoplay recommendations! “His list of songs for this edition of the blog begins with rhythmic tracks by Shawn Paul and Eli Golding.”Bad love“, A throwback to the 2018 summer hits that sounded as hot as we heard for the first time today:

spotify: track: 5OaRqgnamUsa99HzxSTdDv

This was followed by SG Lewis’s electro-synth vibe and Ruel’s steamy voice. “Flame“:

spotify: Track: 4JiuLIWKkLH2iluzOhXh5Y

He took this song out of the bag of musical instruments, which I thought was really inspiring. The slow vibe, the thoughtful song and the incredibly melodious voice of the artist fit together perfectly and give me more energy than my normal afternoon coffee. I’m sure many of you will feel the same way and we’ll hear this track over and over again in the next few days:

spotify: Track: 4yl3k557dZRRQj0P9GWP55

The next one is Evan. His is the track of the month “Why didn’t you call me?” By Massey Gray, I’m sure we all appreciate that colorful funk and soul feeling that helps you go back, relax and say goodbye to all your problems. It was to share with us his choice:

“My favorite track from an album that doesn’t need to be introduced – What life is like Released in 1999 by Massey Gray. I used to listen to his songs when I was a teenager and I always thought this track was better than the best hits I try. Massey’s voice may sound a bit scary at times, but that’s when you start listening to the songs. You will see that she is really beautiful. “

spotify: Track: 25IRNTDODWIAKuLMFuacUb

নির্বাচন Elena selection from all over the place this month, when you hear it I’m sure you’ll agree. What he had to say about this:

“When I chose my songs for this month, I realized that all the songs are very different from each other. Looks like July was a wonderful mix of all the music styles that I enjoy watching from the sound of a post and end up some way Shout out to Peter for recommending the album! “

spotify: Track: 48pL4zB6KXWPvd7Ln33ENy
SpotFi: Track: 2ZNu55CIrGd8psBWZmw8WY
spotify: Track: 2l6oF0NrMAwRrOe2HjWmdp

The next song is one of Xenia’s favorite of the month. He described it as your normal running song For those moments in life, when it’s the only thing you can do. When you hear the sound of its emotions I am sure you will agree and be reminded of the few points in life that challenge you, only then can you become stronger later.

spotify: Track: 1ZQaPOf4xHmSQKtwIiOGsE

He shared the second song on our list with us because he loved the guitar melody with the whole track and the neushed sound melody.

spotify: Track: 2LAs8ikwqxNmAIn2F5qPEr

He shared this about his last song – “I’ve been replaying this track many times, but still don’t understand exactly what the thing is. Although I like scary and mysterious words – it’s very enchanting.” The only thing we’re going to show here is that music lovers already know that in order to truly appreciate art, you have to feel it, not necessarily understand it.

As my tune of the month – the first pick is in my opinion one of the best tracks on the soundtrack of Red Dead Redemption 2. I’ve been fascinated by how well it fits into the rugged environment of the Wild West and how much it contributes to the way the story is told.

spotify: track: 71tjUqsaiFFKWpn8xhoPWh

Next up is one of my favorite songs from Joey Bada 7 . I was reminded of this at a birthday party and since then I haven’t been able to get enough of the killers, but hey I’m done with everything from DJ premieres.

spotify: Track: 23bOfmnZiN42pB1frXNyak

I decided to include a track by Buggy Malone that I found really encouraging, although the thoughtful and humorous songs tell a sad story. Not to mention that Rag’n’Bone Man’s hook kept ringing in my ears long after the song ended and got me … well Tied.

spotify: Track: 1e6y20DzpftrGToH2H3OYN

Top things, @ Emil had a song that made a great impression on her this month and of course wanted to share it with all of us.

“Can you have fun? After releasing their album last year, I regretted every minute that I didn’t know about it. I finally found out about Black Pumas from a friend of mine who played them during a road trip, I Something special happened to them instantly. This track stands out to me because of the strong, emotional songs and the amazingly interesting 4 bit percussion, reflected by the 5 bit xylophone. Experience Burton’s full voice range and you’ll find a track that’s unique in my opinion. Nothing. Check out their singles too! “

spotify: Track: 4bNer4Cz6chRVexe3Z8hJv

You can find everything that made it to our list this month:

spotify: Playlist: 6lv6DjjryalvuDqg0oirRb

Good listening and see you next month!

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