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In this age of streaming music and social media, artists have more ways to connect with fans than ever before. But more platforms for promotion means more work for the modern artist. You’re not just a singer, rapper, producer or band – you’re a DIY brand. You are more than a musician, you are a marketer, creative director, curator and even an amateur graphic designer.

At Spotify for Artists, we want to help make your job (s) easier when it comes to creating eye-catching shareable social media resources to increase your audience and celebrate victories like being playlisted.

Promo card

Promo card

Introducing promo cards, easily customizable graphics that you can share with your fans, your songs, your albums, or while you’re on some of our popular playlists *. All you have to do is visit The site To get started. No login required and the site is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Once you’re there, you can create your custom promo card in three easy steps:

Select: Search the content you want to promote. You can share your artist profile, a track or an album. If you have a song playlist, you will see the option to share a customized promo card in the search results of the track.

Customize: How would you like to see pictures of fans? Will it be square, horizontal or portrait? From the palette of complementary options you can choose the proportions and background color.

Share: Download your new creation and upload it with a link to the generated content of your site wherever. You can choose one of the share options directly on the site to post on social media.

Now, apart from resizing and reaping, you’ve created something that can help fans spread the word about you and your music. And if you’re a podcaster (or if you’re a guest on a podcast you want to help promote), we have Spotify for a podcaster promo card Available.

* Eligible Playlist for Promo Cards: African Hits, R&B, Esquinta Certanejo, Exitos Espana, Fresh Finds, Future Hits Latin, Hot Country, Hot Hits Australia, Hot Hits Canada, Hot Hits UK, Hot Hits UK, Indigo, Indo Mansion Reggaeton, Modas Mio, Peppermint, The Most Necessary, New Boots, New Music Friday, Radar, Pegao, Pollen, Pop Rising, Rap Caviar, Rock This, Roots Rising, The New Alt, The Newness, Today’s Top Hit, Top Hit Deutschland , Top Hit Portugal, Viva Latino

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