‘Jaguar’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew Spanish Series?

Jaguar – Photo: Netflix

One of the new Spanish series that you haven’t checked out yet is Jaguar which comes from the same writing team as High Sea and Gran Hotel. The series has made quite a light impression on Netflix which means that it is difficult to predict whether it will be Jaguar Season 2, especially when it was developed as a standalone limited series. Here is what we know so far.

The series landed on Netflix on September 22, 2021 as a Global Netflix Original. It came with a total of 8 episodes and told the story of Isabel Garrido, a survivor of the Holocaust in search of the most dangerous Nazis after the war.

Jaguar Back to Netflix from the same team Cable Girls And The far sea Both were running on Netflix for several seasons although both were cut short. Raman Campos and Gemma R. in the back Jaguar.

Has Netflix renewed Jaguar for the 2nd season?

No renewal has come yet and we will not expect anything official until about a month after the release. That being said, sometimes international shows are renewed without any publication in news outlets like ours.

So what is there to decide whether to give Jaguar a 2nd season or not?

Many factors play a role, including how many people choose to hit the play for the series and how many people end up (i.e. how much it gets to the completion rate).

Jaguar Netflix

Jaguar – Photo: Netflix

Anyone who has watched the show will know that the second season ends with an open ending with many unanswered questions. The series is over (spoiler alert) The team captures Aribert Heim but Auto survives by freely torturing Lucena.

A Spanish source said that Bamba Productions (the production company behind Jaguar) is known for managing budgets and making the shows Netflix’s preferred affordable.

How was the series in the top ten of Netflix?

This is where we start to worry about the possibility of a second season. The series has performed well in Spain since its debut (it was number three most of the week after its release) but already seems to be failing to make a mark elsewhere.

We usually find that the series has to be in the top 10 within about 10 days of renewing and pass other tickboxes on Netflix’s internal lists as well.

Right now, we have it in season 2 Jaguar, We will post you over time when we know about the official development.

Do you want to watch the Spanish series? Jaguar Back in the second season? Let us know in the comments.

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