[New Music Friday] September 11, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : September 11, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Marilyn Manson / Hutty & The Blowfish / The Fleming Lips / Everything / Dove / Asaf Greetings / Delta Spirit / Susanna / Boy Jr. / Elizabeth Cook /

spotify: Album: 3VOlp4Dion1qjjvhmuDZvV: Short
We want
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Alternative rock
Spotify: Album: 7pvoNsdHfd3MhBiV7CzUQV: Short
Incomplete circle
Origin : Colombia, South Carolina, USA
Section : Roots Rock / Alternative Rock
Burning lips
spotify: Album: 2s79HMasjZVNXwoqXTe1X2: Short
American Head
Origin : Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Section : Psychedelic Rock / Alternative Rock
spotify: Album: 6AvpMWv1ZF48aSS3FD Cast: Short
Origin : Manchester, England
Section : Art Rock / Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 0vaOcBL05Ed6bECTM9wTaA: Short
Universal Want
Origin : Manchester, England
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 6gyTqK1cJ1ZuEofSOn8zXE: Short
Origin : Jerusalem, Israel
Section : Indie Pop
Delta Spirit
spotify: Album: 6uzcCtt4iRnlTG8HGRqXHz: Small
What’s up there
Origin : San Diego, California, USA
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 6UMfvIFmpCpEJOD7RCYMZe: Short
Baudelaire and piano
Origin : Oslo, Norway
Section : Chamber Folk
Son JR.
spotify: Album: 0y6lFFpmSKnP6Bx2aD9RAJ: Short
Origin : Rochester, New York, USA

Section : Alternative Pop / Art Rock

Elizabeth Cook
spotify: Album: 1tHTHrQ7B4hMsAQseKvoQy: Small
Origin : Wildwood, Florida, USA
Section : America, country

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4pBRLqx0ZFlbWPApA5bVzV: Small

spotify: Album: 0VAYmxbuRcq6RyPHwydpej: Small

spotify: Album: 0GVhkbwAhWWIkmBmudAe8p: Short

spotify: Album: 548cFCQbA9PMAqznuQDTDp: Small

spotify: Album: 3C69O5UprPEvhb9YVrPVFz: Small

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If you want more, you can check out new releases from these artists

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Uniform / Scoutone Network / Climbgro / Fox Academy / The Little Lord Street Band / The Poets / Ash Bricky / Serengeti /

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