[New Music Friday] September 4, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : September 4, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Pineapple Thief / Throwing Muse / Clever / Barely Civil / Bill Callahan / All Witch / Grant-Lee Phillips / Alicia Fields / Lomelda / Various Artists /

Pineapple tiff
spotify: Album: 44EwGPQOdVZu8dWJSgLGSm: Small
Version of truth
Origin : Yoville, England
Section : Progressive Rock
Throwing muse
spotify: Album: 6CAe3KknCE98ny4ufsACKT: Small
Sun racket
Origin : Rhode Island, USA
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 71La0arFkP6B6e1hzQKdAK: Short
Fall to pieces
Origin : Berlin, Germany
Section : Alternate trip-hop
Bareilly Civil
spotify: Album: 5DGsNsBIghvGD9fypTOHJO: Short
I’ll figure it out
Origin : Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Section : Indie Rock, Post Rock
Bill Callahan
spotify: Album: 309GzmwSB1Aj3gh8Tpp3Fo: Short
Gold record
Origin : Austin, Texas, USA
Section : Alternative country people
They are all magicians
spotify: Album: 2pP6WdEW09g6PgFVfKjefd: Small
There is nothing as ideal
Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Section : Alternative Rock, Stoner
Grant-le Phillips
spotify: Album: 72TZfZQGGf4a6ynIWSpzMe: Small
Lightning, show us your stuff
Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Section : Alternative country people
Alicia Fields
spotify: Album: 3QVvoAzaDD56335lDLNiDn: Short
Transience of life
Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Section : Alternative Art Rock
spotify: Album: 0xyYtBmta0jBeqXOJsocSJ: Short
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA

Section : Alternative people, experimental

Different artists
spotify: Album: 29PRQeLMYrv0Kj77xXnxNN: Short
Angelheaded Hipster: Marcus Bolan & T. Rex’s song
Origin : Different
Section : Alternate Pop / Rock

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 2RzJHpS75xaOmdDyu6tKWn: Short

spotify: Album: 5TVlqKjhOfn0mfjDLreXvG: Small

spotify: Album: 6UVkKV8a7SZy9FxrKuRfH7: Short

spotify: Album: 6HPJSu52pohFXi2Vaxhdl2: Small

spotify: Album: 0yqSXHCoYkd8q96yXye3r6: Short

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