News from Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A terrifying toy and the 50th anniversary Starbucks merchandise.

Today we are going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Tree of life

In the park, we will see if there are updates on food and snacks, merchandise and construction. Today we found some, so let’s see what’s new.

As usual, we’ll start with our favorite part of Disney World parks: the food.

Food Update of the Animal Kingdom

While we were at Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom (the location of Starbucks in this park), we noticed one of our favorite delicacies in the window.

Cheetah mocha mousse

We tried the Cheetah Brownie in January of this year and were very impressed with the combined base of brownie / chocolate chip cookies and the mocha mousse on top. Generally, it was a delicious treat.

You can get one now!

Plus, it’s a very capable Instagram delight. You can get it at Creature Comforts for $ 5.49. It is now called “Cheetah Mocha Mousse” instead of “Cheetah Brownie.”

Click here to read our full review of the January Cheetah Mocha mousse

Update of Animal Kingdom merchandise

We took a walk with Dinosaur in DinoLand, USA …

Entrance to the dinosaur attraction

… and on the way out we stopped at the Shop Dino Institute (the gift shop you pass by at the exit of the promenade). We find a new red dinosaur toy there!

New red dino toy

The toy looks like the Carnotaurus dinosaur that scares away guests during the trip.

Carnotaurus toy

You can get one for $ 22.95 at Shop Dino Institute. Or, if you’re looking for a less terrifying reminder of your trip, you can head to Creature Comforts to see the new 50th anniversary pin we found there.

50th anniversary pin

The pin is part of the Starbucks Collection “Been There”, and each Disney World theme park has one with its own theme.

pin us

He Pin Animal Kingdom has the Tree of life, Zazu and leaf designs around the big “50” logo. There’s also a small Starbucks sign hanging at the bottom. You can get one $ 12.99 at Comforts Creatures.

Comfortable creatures

Disney’s Magic Kingdom also has a handbag with similar designs as part of this collection, however a cast member at Animal Kingdom said they weren’t sure when the Animal Kingdom bags would come in. We will continue to check them. At other Animal Kingdom gift shops, we didn’t see much of the 50th anniversary merchandise. We noticed some of them reusable bags

Reusable bags

… As well as pins and cords and Discovery Trading.

Pins and cords

But if you’re looking for most of the 50th anniversary items, you’ll want to go to the Magic Kingdom or the Disney World at Disney Springs.

Animal Kingdom Construction Update

One of the most important things coming to Animal Kingdom for the 50th anniversary celebrations is the new KiteTails daytime show.

KiteTails banner

The cast members are gearing up for the show’s debut on October 1, with new decorations in the show area.

KiteTails decorations

We saw more star decorations hanging near the living area …

It’s Simba!

… As well as banners around the entrance.


One of the banners reminds us of Kevin from Disney Pixar’s Up!


He barges in the lagoon they also arrive, with the increasingly finished hut structures.

KiteTails barges

We’re not sure what these huts will be for in the show, but we can’t wait to see them.

Click here for more information on the new Animal Kingdom program

Also, we followed the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Asian section of Animal Kingdom.

Tiger forest

The bat section of this trip has reopened after reforms in the cave, they closed it for a while.

We didn’t see many bats

We didn’t see many bats outside (probably because they are nocturnal animals), but a guard came back to do some work.

That’s all for our Animal Kingdom updates. Follow DFB for more news, especially with lots of updates for Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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What is your favorite part of Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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