Soundtrap has launched the ‘Soundtrap Capture’ app – Spotify for artists

You do the first thing when the inspiration comes but you don’t stay in the studio? Knowing that great ideas can be fleeting, try to save that explosion of creativity in any way you can. It’s the lyrics written on a napkin, the catchy baseline of your head that you repeatedly hum to yourself, or the words surrounding the street you save on a voice note on your phone for later reference. As long as there was music, artists were challenged to remember and copy their good ideas when they were not able to record immediately.

To further assist artists in creating frictionless music, Soundtrap Introducing Soundtrap Capture, a free collaborative mobile app for capturing and creating music on the go. Developed by thousands of artists like you, the Soundtrap Capture app is equipped with recording, layering, real-time collaboration, and storage tools. Once upon a time there was a multi-platform process that was integrated into a user-friendly app that allowed artists to collaborate in real-time and record high quality audio regardless of space or time. Now catching lightning in a bottle is as easy as opening an app on your phone.

The Soundtrap Capture app is now available for free download IOS App Store.

Features available immediately in Soundtrap Capture include:

  • Multi-track layering: Layer track recordings, instruments and voices to create different techs on top of each other.
  • Collaborate with producers: Invite multiple collaborators to join a project, present ideas, record and level tracks to create songs together in real time.
  • Live Storage: Sync and backup all projects instantly on the Soundtrap system, and easily access them so you don’t lose any idea.

And coming to the end of this year: Smooth Integration: Move seamlessly between the Soundtrap Capture app and Soundtrap Studio between desktop and mobile, all without missing a bit.

Spotify for artists

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