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In March 2020, Spotify launched the Emerging Artists program Radar In 50 markets around the world. Since then, Radar has taken music up-and-comers forward to the next stage of their careers by connecting with new audiences on Spotify’s global platform. Now, Spotify Italy is getting ready to launch the second version of its program.

Emerging artists of last year There has been a massive increase since joining the radar program. Section-unknowable White The number of monthly listeners has increased by over 500% per year and between daily listeners by 000,000,000%. When his first album, Heavenly blue, Released, all 13 tracks occupy the top 13 places on the Spotify chart.

Singer and composer Despite dying Also found new fans and became the fourth most flowing female artist in Italy in 2020 Rondodassosa And Three In one year it has increased by 470% and 560% respectively and newcomers have arrived in the last three months Hope, Fundamentalist, And Method Italy’s most discovered artist was more than 300,000 new plays.

This year the selection of artists is ready to be just as popular. These radar musicians also reflect a changing landscape of Italian and global music where genre lines are becoming blurred and issues of diversity and inclusion predominate.

“Spotify is particularly focused on the growth of artists and Radar Italia 2021 is another exhibition of its kind.” Melania Equal, Spotify’s music head for Southern Europe. “Our priority will always be to increase the connection between creators and their fans, as well as help them reach new audiences. The purpose of the program is to showcase emerging talent internationally and to highlight all music genres that are culturally relevant in Italy, as Spotify reflects the country’s diverse music culture.

Through this program, Spotify will continue to provide a dedicated support to these rising stars Radar Italy playlist, Features our editorial channel, and a personalized marketing plan that will give listeners around the world the opportunity to discover their music.

Get to know the 10 artists who participated in Radar Italy 2021:

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