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If a part-time blogger, like me, asked a few social media groups what they want from theme park blogs, a consistent answer is suggestions for vegetarian / vegan meals. I guess it’s a good time to remind people that Universal Orlando has some great vegetarian options in terms of fast service and full service.

If you are staying at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel or want to explore them, there are a variety of vegetarian restaurants. Yes, there are standard type options, such as salads and pizza, that can also be prepared for vegetarians. You can easily find them at Universal hotels. All Universal hotels have dining options with burgers / sandwiches that will surprise you with their quality.

Area between Jake’s Dining Room and the Royal Pacific Islands

If you are looking for something other than these quality but standard vegetarian options, I have few suggestions from Universal Orlando hotels. To be fair, full-service catering options at preferred and preferred level hotels can fit almost any vegetarian / vegan style entry. As a result, I will only address the highlights of the resort’s hotels, as you will have more options than at the park and even at CityWalk.

One of the restaurants in the complex

Sapphire Falls Resort’s Amethyst Cookhouse offers a variety of vegetarian options. The best suggestion would be vegetable curry. This will cost you $ 18. This tasty dish includes spinach, asparagus, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots and steamed rice. As expected, the curry is accompanied by pita bread.

My vegetarian friends often complain about not going to a restaurant and just grabbing snacks and drinks like their carnivorous friends. If you want to do this and continue to be a vegetarian, Jake’s American bar at the Royal Pacific Resort may be a good choice. Although the menu adjusts slightly between lunch and dinner, you have options for quality vegetarian snacks. For lunch, you can get Jake’s fries, which include cheddar cheese fondue sauce, rooster beak, and jalapenos. For lunch and dinner, you can get homemade pretzel canes served with spicy mustard and four-cheese fondue. If you want to create a more balanced meal, you can order the Mediterranean appetizer dish. This dish contains toasted pepper hummus, onion salad, cucumbers, marinated olives, roasted garlic, grilled pita bread, feta cheese, watermelon radish. This item is considered spicy according to Orlando tourism rules. I should also mention that pizza is considered good here.

urban pantry

If you chose a vegetarian option in hotels, you would choose Adventure. This wins based on value and quality. The dining area of ​​the Aventura Hotel, Urban Pantry, offers a very succulent wok. In perspective, my partner recently stayed and enjoyed the dining area. Although I haven’t stayed yet, he told me I had to keep the reservation there in early October. As part of my actual job, I tell people that you should listen to your partner, so I will. Maybe it will lead to a broader review of the vegetarian options there.

All the customer reviews I see on wok bowls shine except one recently. Each vegan wok bowl contains five vegetables that you can choose from, from the cold bar, rice noodles, tofu, and vegetable broth. You can customize it the way you want. The very negative complaint about this dish was a non-vegan one with chicken broth. The complaint was that I didn’t like it. That evening, I can confirm the low quality.

I can verify that the items are prepared fresh to order. Maybe this will be your ideal vegetarian meal. The other advantage is that you can order a child’s size for the price of the children’s theme park theme complex. Serving levels seem satisfactory. Whatever you have selected, enjoy the wide variety of vegetarian options at Universal Orlando Hotels.

This is Kid’s portion size, although it is the non-vegetarian version of the wok bowl.

As an honorable mention, Cabana Bay has added several vegetarian options in recent years. They are the stir-fries of General Tso Mindful “Chik’n” Stir Fry and the Mindful “Chik’n”. During my most recent stay, I saw these non-traditional vegetarian options on the menu. I haven’t tried them, but the variety for vegetarians is always appreciated.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

What are your favorite vegetarian dining options at Universal Resort hotels? Let us know in the comments.

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