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24K GoldenHis career has just begun, but he has already achieved milestones that most musicians will be envious of. At just 19 years old, San Francisco has successfully gained Internet virality among nearly 12 million local monthly Spotify listeners and platinum-certified singles-even before the release of its first LP, which is due to fall this fall. Panchi 2019 hits of rapper “ValentinoAt first the ticket was buzzing, but the placement on Spotify Get the turnt And The most necessary Playlists have pushed the track to the top, collecting more than 187 million plays to date.

Golden, born Golden Landis von Jones, started playing shows in the Bay Area and sharing songs with classmates, but things took a big turn as the web took on wider power. “[When] I discovered Digital marketing, I was, ‘Yeah, I can stay [people] Find out about me in Sweden if I play my cards properly, ” he says. ” Then I used the internet to blow my music further. ”

Part of that strategy was to pitch through the “Valentino” Emanbek remix Spotify for artists playlist pitch form. This is due to the fact that the editorial team has been playing the original mix of the song since it was released in February 2019.

Timing is everything

Although the success of “Valentino” may come suddenly, Golden explains that it was actually a well-planned journey. He wrote the song at the age of 17 while still in high school and stopped publishing it until the time seemed right. “I saved it for over a year because I knew it was going to be a great song,” he says. “There was only power in the song. I keep hearing it over and over again. ”

Once he connected with producer DA Got That Dope, who linked him to Columbia Records, Golden finally became convinced that he had the right resources to push the song he deserved. “It’s one of those songs where you put it and you knew it was going to be a hit,” he says. “It’s exactly about its location.”

The right position in this case also means being patient, as it took the audience some time to connect with “Valentino”. Spotify editors were noticing the song on the viral chart, which prompted editors to add “Valentino” to more playlists. Sometimes it takes a minute to lift the steam head for a track.

“From there, it was a wrap,” he says. “Everyone heard it and really liked it.” The song’s dramas skyrocketed and Golden’s Spotify audience rose to eight. He followed it with the 2019 10-track Excluded colleges EP, including a remix of Lil Taj “Valentino“And its next single”City of fairies, ”Which has collected more than 100 million plays to date.

Embraces all aspects

In the EP, 24kGoldn shows a wide range of musical instruments, which he attributes to his innate multidimensional nature. When asked to describe his words, Golden said his goal is to reflect his life and personality as much as possible. “When I’m in the studio, I try to create a song that sounds different every time,” he said. “No one is happy all the time, no one is sad all the time. No one is always confident, no one is insecure all the time. It’s what I go into myself and take on different experiences and emotions in life, and [asking] ‘How can I make a story out of it?’

An artist who has greatly influenced the approach of 24kGoldn XXXTentacionHe cites the late Florida rapper as a symbol of today’s growing borderless musical instrument. “He used to do a Spanish song, then a Scrimo song, and then an indie song,” Golden noted. “The best thing about being an artist in this day and age is the amount of freedom we have. We no longer have to be limited by genres. ”

Nowadays, Golden has focused on using things that have happened since becoming a star, including a short period of study at USC and country travel, directed to new, broader content.

“Valentino will always have a special place in my heart,” he said. “But music is just getting better and better every day. I’ve felt a lot more life since then, and I’ve made a lot more music.

– Ariel Lebiu

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