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A recent study by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School found that voter participation efforts are “not only good for democracy, but also good for business”, with positive brand awareness and the potential to increase employee satisfaction in meeting consumer expectations. As part of our broader equity and impact function, social and civic engagement is an integral part of our values ​​and our mission, and we believe that citizens use our platform to encourage action, not only for our employees, but also for consumers and manufacturers. Important to make sure. Since 2016, we have created initiatives for the US Presidential and midterm elections as well as the European Parliament, reaching millions of listeners worldwide with the resources to participate in the elections. We’ve also created programs to help our employees go to the polls বিশেষ specifically, the first-of-its-kind Citizen Ambassador Program of 2020 that trained U.S. employees to register and vote for their colleagues. This month, we renewed our commitment to civic engagement through two new initiatives: our first U.S. campaign during the off-year election, and our first national-level campaign outside the United States for the German Bundestag election.

United States: National Voter Registration Day

Although off-year elections never receive much media attention, they are important to ensure that our democratic process is as smooth as possible with the input of as many eligible voters as possible. And right now, that’s not true: only 15-27% of voters are present in local races, and those voters are both much older and much less diverse than the general population.

The first step in recruiting voters in local elections is to make sure they are registered and informed. Accordingly, we are activating across its platform from today – National Voter Registration Day – to encourage listeners and staff, especially young people, to register and get ready to vote, they will show up to vote this year, next year, or even later. .

The campaign includes:

  • A close partnership with HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to promote voter registration and participation in democracy. All the main content of the campaign goes to, where listeners can quickly and easily register to vote.
  • Notifications in the app for users in general, among our largest playlists and podcasts, remind fans to register
  • A “Register to Vote” playlist with song title reminds listeners to register
  • “Rights and Representation,” a new version of Play Your Part Podcast Hub, featuring constitutional rights, a history of voter repression, and the perspective of historically marginalized populations, as well as Alicia Gorge’s guest-made podcast playlist.
  • Artists support registering via Spotify for messaging artists
  • Editorial coverage on The Get Up
  • A real PSA in partnership with HeadCount across our platform, as well as a second year of partnership with Anchor Sponsorship so that anchor makers can get the word out through pro bono advertising.
  • Sending messages around employees and potential employees in the vicinity of our Groundbreaking Work from Anywhere program and reminding those who change their location to change their registration.

Germany: Bundestag election

The German election of 2021 marked a significant turning point that could reset the country’s political course for decades to come. Given the critical nature of this election, we have decided to activate our strategy from the 2020 US presidential election to prepare our German audience, especially young people, to vote. Similar to our other global efforts, non-partisan campaigns include:

  • Collaboration with the Federal Agency for Civic Education; Campaign content links to their Wahl-O-Mat tool that educates voters
  • In-app notifications encourage listeners to be informed of their choices and to link to Wal-O-Mat
  • A podcast hub with selection information and analysis
  • Possession of a playlist cover reminds the audience of the upcoming election

In 2022, we look forward to expanding our civic engagement efforts worldwide and harnessing the power of our platform.

Head of Equity and Impact



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Elizabeth joined the band in March 2021, led by Equity and Impact, where she was responsible for diversity, inclusion and relationships, social impact and sustainability.

Prior to Spotify, Elizabeth was Amazon’s global head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Elizabeth previously worked in diversity and inclusion, learning and development, and talent management at MetLife, Marsh, and Citigroup. He has experience managing global and regional organizations that operate extensively in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Born and raised in Argentina, Elizabeth is committed to her work in a nonprofit organization that helps young people develop underdeveloped talents and at-risk adolescents, as a board member of The Opportunity Network, the All Stars Project and a fair shake for young people. . In 2018, Crane’s NY added Elizabeth to the notable women’s money list. In 2019 and 2020, ALPFA recognized him as one of the top 50 Latinos in the United States

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