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Lacey Duke turned her childhood fascination into a career in directing surreal, female-forward music videos that included everything biologically. Janelle Moni Clip Starring six General Monis, an Emmy-nominated Netflix ads Black Hollywood celebration, for a touching and restorative Episode of the fourth episode Isa Rayer Insecure. If this is not a sufficient range, consider it in light of recent events, conducted by Duke. Summer Walker And Hope A socially distant but properly close Direct delivery Their steamy duet “Come through“For the 2020 BET Award (he also directed the song.” Official video). In all of these projects, a few themes play out loud and true: blackness, femininity and raw creativity.

Duke was originally from Toronto but moved to Atlanta in 2013. From the foundation of this culturally rich home, he feels ready to take any step. Here’s how he got started and who inspired him to take his art a long way.

Spotify for Artists: Describe what you do and give an overview of how you got there.

Lacey Duke: I am a filmmaker, director and creative director – a storyteller, basically. In high school, I was a visual artist but I was randomly obsessed with music videos. I started making short experimental films, then applied to film school. I was a major in film and image art, a junior in anthropology, and after school I did a full intern: Toronto, London, New York. I’ve been a PA for a long time and was a production coordinator in advertising, but I managed a লো 300 weekend super low-budget music video. I just kept managing. One job led to another and 2018 was the first year I was able to support myself financially as a director and creative.

Were you an artist fan of growing up, the story you heard, or an artist with whom you crossed paths that encouraged you to pursue a career?

I remember seeing Picture music For “Rain“Being inspired as a child and just by Miss Elliott And his world. Until then, I never thought about creation, but I immediately wanted to know who created this special scene – who is the creator of this image, this world, these ideas? Of course, I discovered Hype Williams, found that he was behind the initial video of Missy and his figure in general. My college entry essay was on both of them. My professors were, “So this hype Williams … never heard of him.” [Laughs.]

What are you looking for in the artist you want to work with? Who are some of the artists you have recently worked with and how does it align with your philosophy?
They have to be special and the music has to be great. I have to be inspired by their existence, I have to be a fan first. Like U. P. S.Summer Walker, Ari Linux, They are just interesting people to me with great personalities. I like authenticity, clarity, their unique artistic approach. His Very talented and what I like Avoid Marley I mean, he’s got great energy. I like unique identities, those subtleties and levels are important to me. Those are the stories I want to tell. At this point in my career I’m lucky enough to be able to work with my lucky artists and actually listen regularly.

How has your work been affected, or evolved, in light of the coronavirus epidemic?

In the case of music, people now want more content. I’ve never been to a live performance live but lately I’ve been asked to make it to that place. For example, if the BET Awards were broadcast live to the audience and so on, I probably wouldn’t have been called for creative live summer and usher performances, but they hit the label and management, such as “Send your team a performance. You have five days.” “It was an experimental method for BET, but it was successful. Artists aren’t traveling or meeting, so labels and teams are looking for creatives like me for content ideas. It’s a fun new place but we’re still trying to balance creativity and social distance. We need to make sure everyone is safe.

From your point of view, what is the biggest tool for an artist in 2020?

Good music is still the most, but visual content is a great tool. Artists are now in a unique position where they have to dream of creative ways to get their music visually online. We’re streaming concerts now: what does it look like? How do we make it interesting? Engagement with the audience is also very important. Some of my favorite artists will come live and talk to their fans about their feelings. We live in a time where people crave this kind of authentic interaction. We like glasses from time to time, but I think people want to see what’s behind the brand. People want relationships and aspirations.

What is the best advice for you at the beginning of any artist?

Make sure you have a great team. Adjust yourself to people who can help you grow. A little humility goes a long way – you probably don’t know everything. And consider innovation – many artists will follow the right path of those who came before them, but this is a new era. Don’t be afraid to be different, honest and true to who you are. Andre 3000 Gave an interview a few years ago where he explicitly said that imitating your heroes is lame. He urged the new artists not to be like him, but to be like himself and kill him. I agree with this power.

– Chris Martins

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