Hey, Disney! Walt Disney World pairs with Amazon Alexa in fun ways: TouringPlans.com blog

Disney is always trying to stay at the forefront of technological advances, and today Disney has shared a new pair of Disney and technology that will be beneficial both at home and when visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

As part of the start of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, Disney has shared that they have a new project with Amazon called “Hey, Disney!” So what does this new partnership mean? Well, the couple has created a custom wizard that uses stories, Disney characters and more, and it’s all based on Amazon’s Alexa technology.

So how will it work? Well, you’ll soon be able to use an Echo device to interact with your favorite Disney, Pixar, or Star Wars characters. And you won’t just be able to do it at home! No, no! You can also use this technology in your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room.

“Hey, Disney!” will help make your vacation easier, more meaningful, and more fun. At home, it will entertain and delight. This new option will feature immersive narratives that include authentic character voices, unique audio environments inspired by movies and destinations, and more than a thousand magical interactions to discover.

More details on how this “Hey, Disney!” Will be posted soon. the technology will work. We will share them with you as they are posted.

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