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When Michael Shines Its open Soundbetter In 2018 there was a request from Page and a band he had never heard of, the St. Cloud, MN folk-rock singer had no idea what he was for. After all, note, from the Polish EDM trilogy Komodo, He received only the second message Music talent market. She thought it would be a solo work, never dreaming that she would be a vocalist featuring a triple-platinum single.

A few months after the track was recorded remotely – a cover of it The team is splitting1986 hits “(My death in your lap“-Science was on a plane to Jakopan, Poland, to perform at a New Year’s Eve concert with her newly found friends. Outside the country before working with Komodo. -He was able to command higher pay rates, more selectively with touring and studio gigs, and thus continued to earn music while spending much more time at home with his family in Minnesota. Soundbetter.

Spotify for Artists: How did you hear about Soundbater?

Shines: A similar singer in my band Megan Lacey These acoustic cover versions of the song were doing [through SoundBetter] And got millions of hits on them. He knows I like to work in the studio as much as I like to perform, so he said, “Hey, this website is called Soundbetter where people from all over the world can hire you for things. You can make music, earn side effects and you don’t have to perform much. I was like, “It sounds amazing.”

What was your goal in signing up for the site?

My goal was definitely to sing the things of others. I always have more than enough music to go by – what I was looking for was a way to make a living by making music. At the time, I was performing like 200-250 shows a year, just grinding. I said, “I can’t keep up. I need to create other income streams for myself so that I have more flexibility in my home. I have a wife and two small children. I love being at home. I don’t want to be on the street all the time.

How did you get involved with Commodore?

I threw a profile on Soundbatter and [that] The second job I got on the site was. They came up to me and said, “We’re re-building this 80’s song ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms.'” I like the song. They paid me and I sent them the vocal files. I thought this was the end. Four months later, They released a video At the time, it was about 100,000 hits a day. They were, “Hey, check it out. It’s kind of amazing.” It flew from where I now think it’s over 118 million. [streams on YouTube]. It went No. 1 in Triple-Platinum in Poland. It was madness.

What was their rollout strategy for the song?

They are signed by Sony, one of only two club action in Poland [the label]. They were pushing to play the radio and had a machine behind them.

Have you tracked any follow-ups together?

We did [a Whitesnake cover] After that is called “Is it love?” That went platinum, and then we tried to call it a key collaboration “Blood Crowd” Which has received 2.2 million plays on YouTube. It’s hard to try to get those fans to jump on your original tracks when you start with the cover. It’s a little slow to go.

And after the song blew up, they blew you away to play with them a few times.

For the first time it was like 30,000 or 40,000 people. There were about 73,000 people on New Year’s Eve [there] And eight million are watching live. It has been aired on the largest TV channel in Poland, like New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve in our United States. [Before the first show] I never talked to them. I never saw them. It was quite surreal. It exploded in such a way that none of us were ready for it.

How did it feel to chat with Commodore?

It was certainly unique and humble. It made me realize what other people do when they are in a new country and they are learning a language. There are many times where you are at dinner and not a single word of English is uttered. You feel a little isolated, but Yash from Komodo was good at translating things to me. He was so thoughtful that I didn’t understand what was going on. I was treated very well, so that it would be easy.

How has your career been since returning to the United States?

This is the biggest jump of my career, due to the landslide. I was playing in a small club in St. Cloud – where I lived with Commodore before this project. Since then, I have been able to sell 800-seat theaters twice in two consecutive years, as my only job. In Minneapolis, we were really close to selling varsity theater. I’ve been able to shut down the bars and club gigs I’ve been doing, back off, and play the shows I wanted to play. The amount of studio work I was able to do – getting jobs with producers from all over the world, raising my rates, not being able to say something that I didn’t think I was fit for was changing my business in every way. It was just life changing.

What advice would you give someone to sign up for Soundbetter?

Keep your rates low, so you can get a piece of the work and get reviews from people. You are your niche, what you want to do, and what is your value, you can increase this rate. But to get started, just keep your feet on the door. Get some work under your belt.

-Adam Rothbert

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