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Making music can be difficult. You’re constantly pushing yourself, constantly putting yourself there. It takes weakness, talent, determination, discipline and faith; It takes a little luck, a lot of intelligence, and much more. You also need to have the right people around you, but sometimes people with the right skills and mentality are not in your immediate circle.

That’s where it is Soundbetter Comes. Acquired by Spotify in 2019, Soundbetter is a groundbreaking music platform that connects artists with the world’s top music professionals. If you are looking for an engineer, violinist, vocalist, producer, or even a Thermin Master, you can find this person at Soundbater. And since remote collaboration is becoming increasingly the norm, Soundbetter is an excellent resource for tapping.

Thus the NYC-based artist Bottle And Daramola, A vocalist / lyricist attached in Miami, Florida. Shishi made a track in his home studio and needed a vocalist, so he listened to the voices Daramola uploaded to his Soundbetter profile, they corresponded and they got to work. The results were “Give me love.”

Their ever-evolving partnership, the origins of which we explore in the latest episode of our video series How they made it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with the music that every artist is creating. (Currently Daramola is riding high from a recent single, “Weird without you” With Tensneck, When a stoked on ShiShi “With me” Remix with Sama.)

Watch the latest episode of How the Made It, and read more about their story and collaboration Here. With Michael Shines and electronic group Commodore for more soundbetter stories – Here.

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