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If you keep going, you’re probably putting on your headphones so you can keep the playlist of your choice wet. And we all know the drill: you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, put it in your pocket, shake your ear, sip your coffee on the other side, and finally, come back to your pocket to reopen your phone, open your Spotify app and press Play.

But these days of oppression are becoming a thing of the past. More headphones and earbuds are now supporting Spotify Taps, an easy way to get back to where you left off or to serve something new and new based on your personal tastes.

Spotify Tap lets you start your next listening session with a single tap of a button. It’s an effortless experience that brings all listeners one step closer to smart, comfortable listening. Just plug in your headphones and play your tune with a tap. Your music will start streaming wherever you leave off. Can’t feel the song? Another tap only runs a different recommendation for you.

You can find spotty taps on headphones and earbuds from the likes of Samsung, Microsoft Surface, Bose, Skalkandy and Jabra, more brands will come later this year and in 2022. Explore Spotify Find the right pair for you.

Many brands support Spotify Taps just outside the box. While on some models, you need to configure Spotify Tap. Here’s how:

  1. Download the companion app for your headphones or earbuds, then open the app and navigate to settings to configure the shortcut button.
  2. Select “Spotify Tap”.
  3. Outside of the app, just tap the headphone shortcut button and Spotify will immediately restart where you last left off.

With the Spotify tap, we help our listeners instantly jump to the music of their choice – all with a simple tap of a button. Spotify Tap will be further improved in the future and will go to more surfaces, so stay tuned for updates on the road.

Head over Explore Spotify Find the perfect pair of Spotify-integrated headphones or earbuds. PS Once there, you can flip through other hardware including Spotify Integrated – such as smart speakers, phones and watches.

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