‘Kings of America’ Netflix Series: Everything We Know So Far

With the release of Adam Mack coming to Netflix extensively in the next few years Don’t look December 2021 and called a new limited series Kings of America. Here is the latest information we know so far Kings of America Minor

Kimball Leslie will be seen together with a large team of producers, including Stacey O’Neill, Adam McKay, Diana Son, Betsy Coach, Amy Adams, Brunson Green and Jess, in the new ministry based on true events, announced in August 2020.

The series was created by Jess Kimball Leslie and the project has been described as his “first adventure in Hollywood.” You can listen to Jess talk about the project, among other things, in the hour-long What Betwixt Us podcast.

Diana Son is on board to write and will also work as a show-runner. He is probably best known for his work on Netflix 13 reasons why.

American Netflix Kings Writing Team

Photo: Jess Kimball Leslie (left) and Diana Son (right)

The first episode of the series (as well as acting as executive producer) is directed by Adam Mack who is known The Ginger Guys, Vice, And The Big Short.

We should also note that Adam Mack works as one of the executive producers Inheritance, The hit HBO show that Netflix’s TV boss’s desire was on Netflix. We note it because, from all the notes we’ve seen about the show, it’s too much. “Inheritance In tune “.

Since the announcement of Kings of America, Adam McKay’s production company has signed a First Look movie deal with Apple.

Adam Mackie accepted the award

Adam Mack Receives Distinguished Collaborator Award – Photo by Greg Diguier / Getty Images for CDGA

What about Netflix’s Kings of America?

That’s why we bought the comparison Inheritance Before that Kings of America Deals with a prosperous empire in the form of a lawsuit against Walmart. Walmart is exclusively owned by the Walton family, the richest family in America with assets of $ 247 billion.

Here’s what the series, based on a true story, will deal with:

“The Kings of America centers on the story of three powerful women whose lives were intertwined with the world’s largest companies: a Walmart heir, a Maverick executive, and a longtime Walmart salesman and preacher who dared to fight against the largest retail giant. Action lawsuits in U.S. history. . ”

Who will star in Netflix’s Kings of America?

Amy Adams is Netflix Kings of America

Amy Adams – Photo: Getty Photo

Only one cast member has been confirmed so far as Amy Adams to play Julie Rome. Described as a smart, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed city girl, she would stand out in the country like a wounded limb.

Glenn Close Eyes of Kings of America Netflix

Glenn Close – Photo: Getty Photo

We’re also happy that Netflix is ​​looking to Glenn Close for the role of Alice Walker in the series.

This is not the first time we have seen Glenn Close and Amy Adams share credit on Netflix Original. The pair have performed most significantly with each other in terms of Netflix adaptations Hilbilly Elegie Where Adams also played the character of Beve and Close Mama. The movie continues to be Oscar-nominated.

Netflix did not confirm the inclusion of Glenn Close to WhatsApp in Netflix upon request for comment.

Other characters in the series include Betty Duke, who is described as an African American who is described as a smart charismatic preacher. They also want to cast Roy Scott, a Texan who was “born for the elite of corporate America” ​​and similarly described George W. Bush.

Finally, they are voting for a millionaire businessman named Jim and a Navy SEAL named Steve Hall.

Where is the production of Kings of America?

The series is expected to go into pre-production in the summer of 2021 and to be released in late 2021, although we have no specific date at the moment.

What are you waiting for? Kings of America Coming to Netflix soon? Let us know in the comments.

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