#MusicMonday Review – July 2020

#Music Monday That’s the hashtag I’ve been using for quite some time to share music recommendations from artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to look for trends before they become one. You can check The June review, or Taylor Swift’s folklore review For more music.

There is a lot of lightning in this month’s journey! Enjoy these bass melodies with a word of the artists ’own, from a very diverse genre set. 3

Huanstone – He always is

And I always knew

People who like you


Malm,, Sweden From our starting point, those who like to share a track about the presence of a band full of cool riffs like to give us (bad) advice from time to time:

“So the song is something that a lot of people feel. In this case I sing about the voice in your head that basically tells you to work. In my case, it’s talking about dumbing me down like a little devil on my shoulder. Sh * t that I I know I will regret it next time and feel very bad.This particular devil, or voice if you reveal yourself to me or I imagine it is like a succubus.Very charming, not hard to say, and always talking to me to do all that Saying things I don’t want to do or things I want to regret is always talking about the monster inside you that pulls you into this black hole and puts you there, preventing you from being free. Don’t blame or look down on you and always welcome with open arms.

Unfortunately, some people are able to control it and others do not. “

spotify: track: 2kJ6fhfBZOlWJbmzY4rIkI: short

TQ Artist – Wake upTQ.jpg

Changing continents and continents, we arrive in Gainesville, GA for some more, Interesting hooks and songs. Let’s listen and wake up:

“It just came naturally, I try to wake it up and get the mood and the song came to me as part of a natural action.”

spotify: track: 2JUkbvqSASMIReB1QgJZmc: short

Pink Lady – Cloud Princess

No more

You are gone

You will never come back

Continue to Buzz with some pop rock from Guanajuato, Mexico, about a loved one in the clouds there:

“Well, usually the songs come from experiences or inner thoughts that attack the mind of the person in front, it was no exception; songs are always a very personal matter of the band’s creative process.

As far as music goes, it goes without saying that each member brings something to the table. Especially for this, though, we took a dig at it when looking for a distinct sound and constructing the song from the perspective of our previous melody. “

spotify: track: 22zesc3UxRNUhMl6SptoCE: short

John Cruz – Heaven

Take my freedom JanCruz.jpg

I have no objection to losing

If you are inside it

Fear me

Take away that pain

That one day I settled in peace

Holding the Latin vibe, from this singer-songwriter Santa Clara, Cuba EDM’s touch offers a great pop track:

“This song came up while I was preparing the repertoire for my new album. It’s a spiritual paradise where we all want to get lost and at the same time a place where we can actually find ourselves, where we can live our own love story, Free from restrictions and enjoy every minute. The songs are also very personal, in all my songs I share important moments of my life. “

Spotify: Track: 5VXxEng3z4WNYxvs6sDw9K: Small

The Howlers – Badlands

thehowlers.jpgNow I feel

The end has come

Stay and fight

Don’t try to run

From London, England, the band delivers a surreal sound with a true desert baseline.:

“Musically, the track is for artists like Ennio Marikon, Dick Dale and similar artists to their work. We like a movie film score that keeps your spine cool.

Lyrically it’s our struggle with our own mental health and our struggle with overcoming our own personal struggles, we had a really hard time as a band and as people and it affected our music in ways we couldn’t even imagine. “

spotify: track: 3dy03sfCZBYxpIz2v9hhN5: small

We are not poets – The Encounter

Although you are no more

I carry you in my bones too

These remain on my skin

Signs of an appointment

Finally, as we land in Mexico City, a moment shared with the right person can stay with us for a long time.:

“For El Enquentro we were inspired by songs that were made to play live. We wanted to save rock energy but also experiment with a little electronic sound. There, the guitar riff of the song was born, like the chorus of the song Has been done. “

spotify: track: 0WUicNx1HLz7uTPv56TC74: Small

Listen to them and more in the full playlist

spotify: User: osornios: Playlist: 2IYRLjcwf2X9vC0QrI0b0P

See you next month!

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