Netflix Originals is coming to Netflix in December 2021

It’s time to watch Netflix Originals which will round out Netflix globally in 2021. Below, we’ll take you through a list of exclusively released movies and TV series throughout the month of December 2021.

Netflix’s biggest blockbuster movie and indeed TV series is about to end the year very busy in a row. To see what’s next on Netflix this fall, check out our Fall 2021 movie previews and our respective previews for October and November.

The English language Netflix Originals is coming in December 2021

The power of the dog

Coming to Netflix: December 1

Dog Power Netflix in December

Warmly recommended for the awards season, The power of the dog A huge mix cast for a brand new romantic western that will also get a dramatic release.

Benedict Cumberbatch will play Phil Burbank, a rancher who believes he will never find love but his path changes when he meets his brother.

The power of the dog Directed by Jane Campion and based on a novel by Thomas Savage.

Shawn the Sheep: Flight before Christmas

Coming to Netflix: December

Netflix movies coming up at Christmas is a palace sheep for Christmas

Aardman Animated presents another entry Shawn the sheep Suffrage with this Christmas special.


Coming to Netflix: December 10

The play, directed by Sandra Bullock and John Barnethal, will be directed by Nora Fingseed. Bullock will play Ruth Slater, a woman released from prison who doesn’t think she can move on.

The movie is also being released on a theatrical stage from November 24.

Witch (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: December 17th

Witcher Season 2 Netflix December 2021

Perhaps the biggest returning series for the whole month is the second trip with Geralt Witch Season 2.

Here’s what we can expect from the second season:

“Jennifer’s life was ruined for sure in the Soden War,” she said. When the king of the continent, the elves, humans and ghosts try to dominate outside his walls, he must protect the girl from something even more dangerous: the mysterious power inside her.

Emily in Paris (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: December 22nd

Emily on Paris Season 2 Netflix December 2021

After extensive filming over the summer, Emmy-nominated Netflix original series Emily returns to Paris. Emily is getting better in the city of Paris but is still stumbling in her relationship. Darren Starr is leading the second season with 10 episodes.

Don’t look

Coming to Netflix: 24 December

Don't look at December 2021's Netflix

One of Netflix’s most anticipated movies of the year is Adam McKay’s first feature film project in the form of Don’t Look Up with Netflix.

Entitled Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie shows two scientists traveling around the world trying to convince everyone that the end is near.

Just before the release of the movie on the occasion of Christmas, Netflix will also launch the movie on December 10 in theaters.

Lost daughter

Coming to Netflix: 31 December

Lost Girl Netflix December 2021

One of the brightest stars of the year-round Netflix awards season.

The movie is directed by Maggie Gillenhall with debutants Olivia Coleman and Dakota Johnson.

Cobra Kai (Ason Tu 4)

Coming to Netflix: 31 December

Cobra Kai Top 50 TV Series on Netflix

In the next set of this episode, it is an all-out war Cobra Kai With an impossible partnership to defeat a common enemy. Again, we’ll see a return of favorites from The Karate Kid movies in this series which seems to be getting better as it goes on.

Also, see the 5th season of December 2021 Cobra Kai Production finished.

Return to Outback

Coming to Netflix: TBD

Return to Outback Netflix

This internal Netflix animation project is one of our most anticipated animated feature films to come out of Netflix so far. The movie flips the script over what features you would expect from zoo animals and sees an unlikely crew fleeing from their enclosure.

The cast includes Guy Pierce, Eric Bana, Isla Fisher, Jackie Weaver, Wayne Knight and Rachel House.


Coming to Netflix: TBD

Valerie Weiss will direct this romantic comedy which will be titled Julie Bowen, Jackson Rathbone and Nick Thun.

The movie centers on a young girl who sadly destroys a mixtape given to her by her mother and embarks on a journey to find the songs on her.

All the way single

Coming to Netflix: TBD

Romantic comedy movie starring Michael Uri and Kathy Nazimi.

It comes from Tony Award winner Michael Meyer and is about a man named Peter who joins his friend over the Christmas holidays and they pretend to be in a relationship.

Also starring Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Robertson, Luke McFarlane, and Barry Bostwick.

Non-English language Netflix Originals coming in December 2021

Stealing money (Season 5 – Volume 2)

Language: Spanish
Coming to Netflix:

Money loot for the 5th season

This is. One of the biggest series in the history of Netflix. It was a long way for those who had been robbing some of Spain’s historic banks but the theft had to end.

With the first half of the 5th episode coming up in early September, you’ll get the final batch of episodes in early December which really makes for an epic series but it’s not over. Netflix is ​​actively filming Korean adaptations for the rest of 2021.

Asakusa baby

Language: Japanese
Coming to Netflix:

Asakusa Kid Netflix December 2021

The Japanese play is based on the novel Takeshi Kitano, set in the 1960s by a young man who dropped out of school to pursue a career in fine arts. He quickly finds a gig in the shadows of one of Japan’s most famous entertainers.

The movie is directed by Gekidan Hitori.

The hand of God

Language: Italian
Coming to Netflix:
15th December

net The hand of God Netflix

Paolo Sorrentino wrote and directed the play about a young man who grew up in Naples in the 1980s.

Minal Murali

Language: Malayalam
Coming to Netflix: 24 December

Minal Murali Netflix

The big Indian release in December 2021 will be on the eve of Christmas and a tailor from a small town in Kerala will see the rise of superpower after a thunderstorm.

Tovino Thomas, Aju Baghes, Harishree Asokan and Guru Somasundaram.

The budget of the movie is known to be .8 2.8 million.

Egretsuko (Ason Tu 4)

Language: Japanese
Coming to Netflix: TBD

Aggretsuko ason tu 4 December 2021

The anime series about the raging red panda returns for the fourth season.

Thousands of kilometers from Christmas

Language: Spanish (Spain)
Coming to Netflix:

The family Christmas movie will be released sometime in December 2021, and it is about a man in his sixties who finally gave Christmas spirit.

Starring Tamar Novas, Peter Vives, Verenica Forku and Andrea Rose.

Jojo’s bizarre adventures (Stone Ocean)

Language: Japanese
Coming to Netflix: TBD

Jojo Strange Sea of ​​Strange Adventures

Netflix is ​​going to be the exclusive streaming home of the brand new season Jojo’s bizarre adventures In most parts of the world. Stone Ocean will serve as the fifth season of the hit anime show, which has been running since 2012.

It has been reported that a new season will be launched on Netflix every month.

Silent sea

Language: Korean
Coming to Netflix: TBD

Silent Sea Netflix December 2021

One of our most anticipated upcoming K-dramas is The Silent Sea which is about a group of elite scientists who are going on a mission to an abandoned research center to recover unknown specimens.

The sci-fi series features Bay Du-na, Gong Yu, Li Jun, Kim San-yang, Hyo Sung-tae and Li Mu-sang.

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