[New Music Friday] August 21, 2020: New albums …

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New music on Friday : August 21, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Bright Eyes / Killer / Lemon Twigs / Cold War Kids / Front Floor / Voice Directed / Waterboy / Interview / Cut Copy / Alex the Astronaut /

Bright eyes
spotify: Album: 1GMHBkCYVzWqrrczVDBJKm: Small
Weeds below, where the world once was
Origin : Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Section : Alternative people
spotify: Album: 1uROBP2G4MP0O4w1v5Cpbg: Small
Imploading the Mirage
Origin : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Section : Alternative rock / synthpop
Lemon twigs
spotify: Album: 47nPi2a9RQAZKxFteP5HI3: Short
Songs for ordinary people
Origin : Long Island, New York, USA
Section : Psychedelic Pop / Rock
Cold War Kids
spotify: Album: 5XWHfMAw90dNXWbAy0t6hq: Small
New Age Rule 2
Origin : Long Beach, California, USA
Section : Indie Rock
Front bottoms
spotify: Album: 5JCIlwUVfe5JJt3vHtu7Eo: Short
In sickness and flames
Origin : Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA
Section : Indie Rock, Folk Punk
Directed by Voice
spotify: Album: 6YDwLvquiUBMGEcjw8fuSr: Short
Mirror Aztec
Origin : Dayton, Ohio, USA
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 72f6jY93Jf5ddJtZ7QGPCg: Small
Good luck, explorer
Origin : Dublin, Ireland
Section : Alternative rock
Rules of reconciliation
spotify: Album: 1cuireCFLsc4vflGh9hAP7: Short
Origin : London, England
Section : Indie Pop
Cut copy
spotify: Album: 7rE8vH4i4kOwzojYltNKDg: Small
Refrigerate, thaw
Origin : Melbourne, Australia

Section : Electric

spotify: Album: 7GcFLvBFgqs6YTODV9XrdN: Short
Absolutely nothing theory
Origin : Sydney, Australia
Section : Folktronica

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4MDgJhQSA5iakSRBaTS9VB: Short

spotify: Album: 3hC0FNNcEmFNdJMhoBY7ZJ: Short

spotify: Album: 2yz6yCzAnxPfsNaIUFz1gT: Small

Spotify: Album: 5q42nCZVvcbvSLIX2zxvkQ: Small

spotify: Album: 6lYULQYnzY2jYBX323AiH8: Short

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