PHOTOS: We were among the FIRST passengers on the new 50th anniversary of Disney World!

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of Disney World begins this week and many partner companies are participating in the festivities. We’ve been covering some of the Happy Meal Toys you can pick up at McDonalds, not to mention every Disney World vacation McDonalds gives away.

Magic Kingdom is ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Today we visited Southwests Airlines in Dallas, Texas, where they are ALSO celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. On the occasion of this golden anniversary, Southwest is giving away a trip to Disney World.

They had the “blue carpet” for the event when we arrived.

The Southwest also turns 50 this year!

We listened to several representatives from Southwest Airlines and Disney, and they gave us special performances in celebration of the 50th anniversary.

It’s time to celebrate the 50th anniversary!

And YES, there were extra special surprise guests. Mickey …

Mickey was there!

… and Minnie were there!

Hi, Minnie!

The Boeing 737-700 that was wrapped up for the 50th anniversary was revealed to us during the presentation. Southwest Airlines released a video showing how the design of its Boeing 737-700 came to life:

Here’s another look at Mickey and Minnie making their special appearance at the event with their new 50th anniversary “EARidescent” gear.

Then it was time to go outside to get close to the plane and check it out in person.

This plane is so cool!

The plane is covered from nose to tail with Disney characters and icons from all over Disney World. Can you spot them all?

There are TONS of characters all over the plane!

Take a good look and you’ll see Disney World locations like City Hall.

It’s the City Council!

Then we headed inside the plane, yes, the design is still inside.

The magic continues inside!

The characters are in the shutters of the windows and in the luggage compartments.

Inside the 50th anniversary special plane

Window tones are where you’ll find iconic characters from movies and theme parks like Madame Leota, Edna Mode and Figment.

Officially the coolest plane in history.

That’s not all! Southwest today announced a new raffle in which a winner and a maximum of three guests will receive a unique opportunity in life to visit Disney World during its 50th anniversary celebration. Go to south.com.com/50days to log in from November 16th.

It’s time to fly!

Be sure to keep your eyes open for this amazing plane the next time you head to the airport. This week we’re going to introduce you to the latest coverage when it comes to celebrating Disney World’s 50th anniversary, so be sure to follow along!

Click here for information on the full list of delicacies coming to Disney World for its 50th anniversary.

Are you planning a visit to Disney World during its 50th anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: Southwest Airlines and Disney invited us to attend their event today. This did not affect our reports: our opinions are ours.

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