REVIEW: Skittles Fudge, M&M Brownie Pies and MORE debuts at Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom

Confectionery on the main street is officially BACK and is ready to invite guests from all over the Magical Kingdom.

It’s time to go in!

Disney gave us a look at all sorts of new candies that would arrive at the stall, including Skittles sugar cookie cakes, an interactive candy wall, M&M garland decorations and more. Along with the old confectionery favorites, 30 new sweets they are also on the menu for everyone to try.

Today we tried some of these new delights: let’s get into Main Street Confectionery to pick up our order!

Colorful kitchen

A new addition to the confectionery is his wall of M & M’s and Skittles to make custom candy bags.

Colorful kitchen

He “Colorful kitchen” has 38 flavors of M&M and Skittles to choose from, so you can combine them according to your mood.

Color cooking options

Guests can even customize your own 50th anniversary popcorn mix! Four flavors can be used, which include caramel, rainbow fruit, butter and cheddar …

Core cuisine

… before they choose one of the three syrups to pass through, included dark, milk or white chocolate.

So many popcorn!

Sounds serious the latest combination of sweet and savory snacks!

Popcorn customization

Finally, you can choose between finishes such as M&S, Oreos, pretzels, and more to complete the custom snack.

What candies would you add?

Then it was it’s time to pick up some of the candy NEW!

A member of Case and Cast

The first is the Brownie Pie per $ 5.99. It comes loaded with M & Ms regular and peanut!

Brownie Pie

This Brownie Pie was serious so good and chocolatey! I had that 100% undercooked texture to this, by doing so beautiful and attractive inside. This gooey-ness combines very well with the crunch you get from sweets.

The Brownie Pie is full of M & Ms.

On the other hand, the Skittles Sugar Cookie Pie per $ 5.49 It was NOT that good. In our opinion, the Skittles did not cook well with the rest of the ingredients. And while we often see if a snack is too sweet, this is one of those rare cases where our complaint is this this element was not sweet enough.

Skittles Sugar Cookie Pie

We found the candies inside the sugar cookie cake chewable … and not in a good way. All in all, that’s probably it the sweet we would skip the next time we visit.

Suppose not everyone can be a winner.

Our favorite article of the group was the Chocolate chip cookie per $ 5.49! That delight was a little misleading; while it’s called Chocolate Chunk, actually laden with peanuts and chunks of caramel, with a handful of chunks of chocolate. From here it is dipped in chocolate i covered with crushed Snickers!

Chocolate chip cookie

Although we found this cookie a little on the dry side (this would pair wonderfully with a glass of milk), that’s right delicious and loaded with peanuts if you like this kind of candy! That would also be one excellent cookie to combine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookie

Last but not least, we need to talk about the mysterious aspect Rainbow-flavored fruit and bowling fudge per $ 4.99.

Rainbow-flavored fruit and bowling fudge

Photograph pretty well right after you buy it.

So colorful!

Unfortunately, you have to eat it fast, because this guy doesn’t last long in the heat of florida.

Poor kind …

That said, we were pleasantly surprised by this appetizer! It really wasn’t horrible! However, you need to love bowling a lot to appreciate this dessert: it just tastes like bowling. It is very sugary and very sweet, almost sickly. Kids will love this treat, but parents may only be able to handle one or two.

We promise it tastes better than it looks!

Of course, we’ll be sure to give you a full look at over 150 delights heading to Disney World for its 50th anniversary, starting October 1st. Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

Click here to read the full list of delights coming to Disney World for its 50th anniversary.

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