Sous Chef creates a delicious dish in honor of Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month

When he was a first-generation Cuban-American growing up in a multi-generational home, Frank Vega helped his mother and grandmother in the kitchen from an early age when he learned to cook traditional Cuban food. Eventually, Frank discovered that cooking was his passion, so he enrolled in a culinary school and devoted himself to working at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Frank began his Disney trip at the Disney BoardWalk Inn, where he prepared Mediterranean-style meals, something new and different for him. Although the flavors were similar to the Cuban cuisine he used to make at home, Frank found the experience of making dishes outside of his Cuban culture enlightening and rewarding.

“Being a chef is a perfect way to share my Cuban heritage,” Frank said. “The food has always had a special meaning to me and sharing unique flavors with my co-stars and guests is truly an honor.”

After 18 years at Disney, Frank has worked in many places in the resort and continues to learn something new from each team. Now, as a pay chef at Disney Studios Hollywood, Frank brings together his culinary skills and career to work each day inventing new menu items for fast-service restaurants across the property.

His latest creation, a Colombian hot dog found at Fairfax Fare at Disney Studios Hollywood, is one of the special culinary delights available to visitors in honor of Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month through October 15th. pineapple mustard salad, drizzled with garlic cilantro mayoketchup (a fusion of tomato sauce and mayonnaise) and topped with crispy potatoes.

Hot Dog by Fairfax Fare

Inspired by his hometown of Miami, the dish pays homage to the restaurants Frank visited when he was a kid. “We really have no limits when it comes to developing new recipes; we can be as creative as we want. ”

Having more diverse and unique menu options, such as the Colombian hot dog, is one of the ways Frank hopes to spark curiosity and connect our guests with different cultures. “The food brings us closer,” Frank said. “It brings out stories of tradition and heritage that unite us all in a fun and exciting way.” Visit the resort to try this and other dishes as part of the Walt Disney World “Together We Are Magic” celebration throughout the property.

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