This week / August 19, 10 new indie songs for you …

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This selection, too Handled carefully, Is Updated every Wednesday, After a few hours of listening, among the hundreds of songs recently added to the Spotify Library.

Always remember: for music, for anything else, Always quality before quantity.

August 19, 2020

10 new indie songs This is worth listening to selected for you last week.

Featuring :

Peach / Medicine / IDLS / Frankie and Witch Fingers / Cabbage / Catherine Ann Davis, Bernard Butler / No Joy, Alyssa White-Glue / Els / Holly Motors / Orville Peck, Shania Twain /



This flip
Origin : Berlin, Germany
Section : Electric


He came
Origin : Unknown
Section : Alternative rock


Model Village
Origin : Bristol, England
Section : Indie Punk Rock
Frankie and the magical finger

Frankie and the witch

Sweet freak
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Alternative rock


Get out of my brain
Origin : Mosley, England
Section : Indie Punk Rock
Catherine Ann Davis, Bernard Butler

Catherine Ann Davis

Vandalism (very easy to see)
Origin : London, England
Section : Alternative Gothic
No joy, Alyssa White-Glue

There is no victory

The rat of dreams
Origin : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Section : Indie Showgage

Els l

Baby Let’s Make It Real
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Indie Rock
Holy motor

Holy motor

Unfinished night
Origin : Tallinn, Estonia
Section : Indie Dream Pop
Orville Peck, Shania Twain

Orville Peck

Myth does not die
Origin : United States / Canada
Section : Alternative countries

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