Chile’s podcast topping chart “Caso 63” is ready for the second season and announces an English adaptation – Spotify

Spotify Original Podcast since its launch in November 2020 Case 63 The podcast ranks at the top of the rankings and has expanded into new markets. The 10-episode Chilean sci-fi story has been the most listened to in scripted original podcasts in Latin America and has even been adapted for Brazilian and Indian audiences. To continue the captivating skill of this story, Spotify will release an English adaptation in the United States, which will premiere in late 2021. Case 63 The second season with the producer will be released later this year Julio Rojas From the head.

Its the first season Case 63 Fictional psychiatrist Elisa Aldunet focuses on the conversation between “Patient 63”. Each episode marks a new “session” and as time progresses, time, space and reality become blurred. Throughout episode 10, this thought-provoking mystery plays with the minds of listeners and makes them question what and what is not real.

Its popularity Case 63 Among audiences, this led him to reach a new milestone in podcasting: this is the first time that a Spotify original podcast has been converted from a non-English-speaking market into multiple languages. Actors acting Antonia Jaggers And Nestor Cantillana, Was so well received by the public that, less than a year after its launch, Spotify has adapted to the exciting mystery In a Portuguese version, Patient 63, With Brazilian actors Your George And Mail Lisboa. Earlier this month, Spotify made a Hindi adaptation of a podcast called India Virus 2062Starring Bollywood actor and husband-wife duo Richa Chadda And Ali Fazal. Now, casting for English language adaptation is underway.

But even before breaking the Spotify record, his huge following was reflected in the ranking chart. Case 63 Leading the list of top podcasts in Argentina and Mexico for a month after the premiere. It reached # 1 on the trend charts in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

Non-Spanish-speaking listeners also like the podcast: in India, Virus 2062 Reached number one on Spotify’s Local Trending Chart and was in the top five on Spotify’s Local Top Podcast Chart. For his part, adaptation to the Portuguese language Patient 63 It topped the Brazilian Local Trends podcast list the day after the premiere and stayed there for more than two weeks. It also topped the Brazilian fiction charts and was there for more than a month.

The Creator Rojas The appeal of the series has long been attributed to its format. Rojas comments that the way the stories have been disseminated over the centuries is only reminiscent of the audio medium, inviting listeners to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

“The Latin American team led Xavier Pinol [de Spotify], Has created a universal story that takes listeners into their own imagination with the heroes. Brazil and India, and soon the United States, adapt the story to new audiences using adaptations, local teams and talent, ”he said. Courtney Holt, Global leader in podcasts and new initiatives for Spotify. “The success we’ve seen in all adaptations so far reinforces Spotify’s mission to give creators the opportunity to develop stories and deliver the best stories to viewers around the world, regardless.”

Ready to tap into your imagination and start your session in Alduna? Don’t miss the first season now available on Spotify. And stay tuned for the English adaptation of the event from this worldwide podcast soon.

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