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Holding on to live music through Covid-1 live, musicians who rely on travel for the lion’s share of their income এবং and their main source of communication with fans তারা are at great risk. Many responded Live broadcast Performance From home, where they are earning financial support by selling tickets to them Virtual gig Or encourage fans to contribute to their online tip jar.

But another way to earn and maintain a relationship with the audience is to double the merchandise. All of Stripe’s works have found more ways to reach their visitors through customized goods, unique products that they wouldn’t normally bring to the streets, face masks and limited edition items that benefit charitable and social causes. Here’s how some artists find success in going from home to business, thanks to creativity for limiting their business.

Meet the moment

March It’s a platform that lets more than a million products be offered to fans of around 35,000 artists who want to take home a piece of their favorite musicians, from staples like T-shirts and ballcaps to unusual offers like colonies and undergarments. Co-founder Ed Atten told Spotify that every business that sells products through them is feeling the effects of the epidemic.

“I think the industry is pinging around with the idea that 2020 is what it’s going to be,” he said. “This means that everyone is starting to put together their revised plans for what they are going to do to focus on streaming and e-commerce. There are two big things left. ”

But, as Ethan points out, it’s not all about profit. “We see a lot of advocacy and support for the social causes that are happening, be it Covid or Black Lives Matter,” he said. “Artists are using their platform not just to talk but to raise money for a cause, donate a portion of their earnings or create products specifically for reasons they think are important.”

From a British singer / songwriter James Morrison Donate the money received from him Living at Dingwalls T-shirt In the UK Black Lives Matter Fund Social distortion Sending all income from them “Social distance” shirt Per MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund And United Way, a lot of artists are prioritizing the well-being of their fellow people through goods. Legacy artists are also entering the game. “One of us Black Sabbath shirt With Black Sabbath The logo says ‘Black Lives Matter’, “Eaton says.”// * Great. “

As it unites to fight the spread of the global epidemic, the music universe has seen the rapid adoption of a whole new class of goods: masks. Whatever Ariana Grande, The sum is 41, Or any number of underground artists, there are a few artists who have not put face ings as part of their merchant strategy. “They’ve become really creative with them – not just the artist’s name, the pattern,” Aten says. “We have a woodstock where there are woodstock birds. We have an Elvis who has [signature sneering] Lips. “

Epidemic-related goods are not just reserved for masks – artists have had success in both selling products on time and mining their stocks without vintage items that were never made available for sale. “We’ve actually sold some of their canceled tour merchants to raise money for Covid Relief,” Aten said.

Making maximum use of currents

As live streaming artists become one of the main points of music communication with their fanbase, some intelligent actors are formatting their march. Wild frontman, driven by Adam Weiner, Low cut coni At the forefront of that agile, ad hoc coordination.

Weiner garnered a lot of attention from both the public and the media through his energetic, unpredictable weekly Tough cookies Live streaming series, broadcast from his Philadelphia apartment. Working with it Hello March platform, He has launched a custom-made line of products inspired by Performance. “We have got the whole product of these cookies, from bracelets and pins to a variety of shirts. [and] Sweatpants, ”said Reed Martin of Low Cut Connie’s management team. “Market sales are really starting to replace digital tip jars to revive our revenue flows.”

A perfect performer in its veins Little Richard, Weiner lets his inner rock ‘n’ roll animals loose in his streaming gigs, and captures the spirit of a certain item. “She’s almost always in her underwear towards the end of the show,” Martin laughs, “she’s just sweating her ass, she’s talking all the time about how she’s‘ shoveteasing ’. One of our best-selling shirts has a picture of him tearing off his tank top with sunglasses and it says, ‘Shvitzin ‘for you. ”

Being creative

It’s always good for artists to spread their ideas about the products they produce and the way they make them available, and the current climate of being at home has created opportunities there. Low Cut Connie now offers everything from logo-embedded briefs to unisex perfumes and only pre-orders on old favorite items that are in the middle of the risking process. That way, fans can purchase items, emotional or planned, and instantly put money in the band’s pocket.

Eten says the only limitation is the diversity of products imposed by the imagination of the industry. “We have a lot of people who make coffee,” he says. “We have a drum that was played live on stage Footpath Prophet. Lady Gaga Selling a jockstrap. The Jonas Brothers There is a wine tote Pepper Has created a ‘water pipe’ which is definitely a bong. Guster Made by Granola and Mustard whose name is Gastard. All sorts of ridiculous things. ”

Another advantage for artists now is that they can sell merchants on a more la-cart basis, allowing them to offer more sizes and designs of shirts and heavy / bulky items that they don’t necessarily want to drag down the street. “When you’re doing a tour together and figuring out what you’re taking from town to town, you have to be really sensitive to the total number of SKUs. [UPC codes] You have, the sizes you print, because it takes time and money to remove these things, “says Martin. There is a huge advantage.You are going to transfer different types, sizes, styles and products for different genders.

Ultimately, the hardships of the epidemic can be a boon for all musicians when it comes to commodities. With audiences stuck at home, they are hungry for some connection and eager to support their favorite works. And, as Ethan puts it, “artists are becoming more responsive and more adaptable than ever before,” figuring out how they can help themselves and their fans. Timely offers like masks, weird products like jockstrap or wine bags, or archival tour shirts that benefit when needed, cleverness is actually the limit to enjoy the most of the current situation – and a way for artists to think big about them when the concert returns safely to March. .

– Jim Allen

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