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When you engage your heart and soul in creating a song or album, the next step is to maximize its chances of release. Much of this comes down to smart preparation and knowing how your promotional plan will be implemented. The more you prepare for that big release, the more you will see the stream, the audience and the followers ing.

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, so our resources and tools are designed to help you and your release get attention, and hold on to it once you get it. Here are 12 tips to get ready for release day and stay on top after your release goes live.

1. Pitch your release for playlist consideration

We’ve heard a lot Success stories From artists who have sung a song Spotify for artists playlist pitch tool. After being featured on one of Spotify’s editorial curated playlists, they have seen their streams and followers skyrocket. Since launching Playlist Pitching in 2018, until February 2020, we have playlisted 72,000 artists and 20% Pitch Playlist.

To increase your chances of landing at one of these spots, pitch the song at least seven days before the release date for playlist consideration. When pitching a track, be sure to add key details about the song, such as type and mood, to improve the chances of it landing in the most appropriate playlist. (Check us out Deep dive In the importance of adding metadata to the song.) Once the pitch is done, our editorial team will see if it fits right. Learn how to pitch your music Here.

2. Refresh your artist profile

A first impression is everything – in fact, it can be just as powerful as the music. Think about what people are looking for by looking at your artist profile and clicking on your name: they want to know who you are, where you come from and what you’ve done so far. Start by creating your own Artist’s picture Pop up and consider uploading a new promo shot or behind-the-scenes photo to your photo gallery. Make sure your bio is fresh and current and includes all your social media handles.

3. Add a canvas to your track

Now you can Add canvas – Three to eight second looping visuals – on your tracks before release day. Go to Spotify’s music tab for artists, click ‘Upcoming’, then click + next to the song you want to add to the canvas. Listeners will loop your canvas while streaming your songs – and will also appear on Instagram when fans share your tracks. Quality canvases have shown an average increase in track stream, share and save, so this is a great way to keep your fans busy. Need help creating a canvas? See Soundbater.

4. Keep building your Spotify followers

Nowadays connectivity is the key, so take advantage of every portal. Your fans are eager to hear your new music first, so make sure you’re using your website and social media profile Encourage your audience to follow you on Spotify So they can hear your new release in their personalized reader playlist. The way our playlist system works means that if you have 100,000 followers on Spotify, you will automatically feature 100,000 playlists in the week of your release. Not bad, is it?

5. Create playlists to engage your audience

Your audience doesn’t just want to see you in a playlist, they want to know what kind of playlist you’re listening to. A great way to stay active on Spotify and keep in touch with your audience – especially when you’re in the middle of a busy release schedule – is to share a playlist you create yourself. Express your tastes, share your emotions, and even slip in one or two songs of your own to connect on a more intimate level with your audience.

6. Consider a marquee or audio ad campaign

Excluding a new album or EP is an opportunity to attract an audience and take them to a deeper level. That’s why we launched Marquee– A commercial tool that helps listeners connect with new music and become its biggest fans. Marquee reaches out to audiences when and where it’s important: During release week, it appears as a full-screen on the mobile home screen, a recommendation for premium and free users who have shown interest in your music and are likely to hear more. After each campaign, we report how audiences engage with new releases after watching a marquee. You might even consider creating one Audio ads To promote your music to an audience for free users through Ad Studio.

You made it release day and your new music has been released. But the work does not stop here. Follow these steps if your release is live on Spotify.

7. Update your artist picks

The first thing listeners see when viewing your profile page is your artist pick, so this is a great place to highlight a new single or album. Also, it keeps your profile page fresh and up to date. Want to mix it? You have options. You can choose a single, album, playlist, podcast or one of your upcoming concerts as your artist pick. Learn to add a pick-in This video. Pro Tip: Add some text to make your profile more personalized.

8. Share your new music on social media

We try to create Sharing your music outside of Spotify As simple as possible. In the Spotify app, just open the Share menu while listening to your tracks or albums and you can easily share to Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or any message service. When you share Instagram Stories on Snapchat, Facebook Stories via Spotify, your viewers will be able to swipe to hear the content. While you’re at it, pop the link to your new track or album into your social BIOS.

Looking for easy visual resources to pop up your social posts? Create a custom Promo card Spotlight your artist profile, a track, or album. You can download the promo card to upload to any platform – or use the created short link, which will be redirected to your chosen content.

9. Track your real-time streams in the mobile app

Download the Spotify for Artists mobile app To monitor your real-time streams within the first seven days after the new release on Spotify. Once you’re in the app, click the Statistics tab at the bottom of your screen. Counts are updated every 1.5 seconds, so you can track your numbers from the moment your release service hits. These numbers are extremely valuable when you track the effects of a song or album in the first week.

10. Check back in a week to see your statistics

One week after your release date is a good time to dive into the numbers. Check out your Audience page on Spotify for Artists to see how your audience, stream, and number of followers have been affected by your release. If you have previous releases, compare their performances on your music page. All of these insights are there to help you further refine and optimize your liberation strategy to move forward.

11. Take advantage of the many resources available to you for Spotify for artists

For the past few years we have been busy building one Database of articles and videos To help you in your career. In our video series The Game Plan, we dive into how to promote your work, how to read your data, and more. A mini-master class About publishing your music. Through us Co. Lab Events, we have tapped experts on the industry to look at such topics Finding your audience And Maximize the impact of your release by using your creative network. From there, see what steps you can take to get your music to your ears Music Supervisor, Brand, And The press. Our resources are here to make sure you’re aware of every avenue available to fly your music.

12. Be confident

Each of these steps is easy to implement and it is intentional: the goal is to successfully prepare for the day of redemption with confidence. But it’s important to remember – it’s not a marathon sprint. Just like your art, building a career and building meaningful connections is a process that takes time to transform your audience into fans. Stay steady, stay away and with your creative vision As suggested by Cindy Lauper: “You really can’t judge yourself: you just have to do it!”

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