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At DFB, we have a decidedly favorable policy for noodles. And if you tell us we can eat noodles for a good cause, we’re at IN.

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We were invited to Morimoto Asia and the fourth edition of the Ramen Rumble of the Good Restaurant Restaurant – a competitive Ramen-based charity event that benefits Give Kids the World. We offer you a complete review in case the 2022 Ramen Rumble is present to you. Also, don’t you want to know who won the ramen contest?


The event was organized in Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs with two different event schedules, one at 5:30 p.m., and the other at 8:30 p.m.

Ramen Rumble

There was a solid crowd of people heading to the event.

Ramen Rumble

Morimoto Asia is always a beautiful space, so we thought it was a good choice to host the Ramen Rumble charity.

Ramen Rumble

Did you know this is so? the biggest Ramen Rumble event to date!?

Ramen Rumble

Since this is a charity event, there was one silent auction was installed and there was raffles available for $ 2 each. Remember all proceeds from the event went to Give Kids the World to help give critically ill children and their families a free week-long vacation.

Ramen Rumble

There were several drink samples available before the full tasting of the event. We tried it Suntory Whiskey, Soto Sake and more.

Ramen Rumble

We were assigned a table number that was set with cloth utensils and napkins.

Ramen Rumble



The Ramen Rumble event features six contestants each doing its own unique style of ramen so guests can taste and vote. The winner sticks to the coveted Broth Belt Trophy to prove that they are King or Queen of Ramen! The participating contestants are: Morimoto Asia, Seito Sushi, Susuru, Ichicoro Ramen, Ramen Takagi and Yugiri Ramen Project.

Ramen Rumble

The event includes your six ramen portions, a drink and a traditional Asian dessert for the entrance fee $ 80. They gave it to us paper menus listing ramen options and participating chefs.

Ramen Rumble

Let’s start with our drinks! We opted for Negroni white tiger off the Morimoto beverage menu. This drink is made with roku gin, the nonino appetizer, plum wine choya umeshu and bitter orange. It was gin-forward and had some light orange notes that were a delight.

Negroni white tiger

We also tried the Morimoto Mai Tai. This was a classic Mai Tai that was quite sweet with a strong coconut rum flavor that overwhelmed the other ingredients a bit. But it was still tasty for Mai Tai lovers.

Morimoto Mai Tai

Then it happened to ramen! Each bowl was very different and they arrived quickly once we were seated. First, we had the Surf n ‘Turf Ramen by Morimoto Asia.

Surf n ‘Turf Ramen

The ingredients of this ration included gyu-kotsu (beef bone marrow broth), Wagyu scallop and Hokkaido a-5, chives and black pepper oil. The noodles provided by SUN NOODLES are the Thick noodle Temomi. They are thick, yellow and wavy noodles that are sent through a massage for variable textures and bites.

This one had very tasty beef and the noodles had an amazing texture. The broth complemented all the ingredients with a thick, meaty quality. Also, the Wagyu and the scallops made a very rich bite.

Surf n ‘Turf Ramen

Then we tried XO Mazemen from Seito Sushi. This is done with curry sauce, pork belly xo, plain butter, onsen tamsen and cucumber. The noodles in this one were SUN NOODLES Medium straight noodles – thick and flat white noodles.

XO Mazemen

The XO Mazemen had an egg yolk sauce that made it very thick when mixed. The nori and uni also gave this broth-free ramen a strong seafood flavor.

XO Mazemen

Now we do Vegan Spicy Miso Ramen from the Yugiri Ramen Project made with dashi tomato, wavy noodles, miso tare, soy ginger tofu, sweet onions, chives, chili oil, burnt garlic oil, togarashi, crispy and non-chili yugin garlic. The FAITHFUL SUN here are the VH-24W thin corrugated noodles (a classic Japanese noodle with a nice translucency).

This dish was VERY heavy flavored with soy and toasted sesame oil. There was a lot of nori that added a seafood flavor and the use of Thai chili made the dish PACKED with spices. This broth was quite buttery, but not as thick as Morimoto Asia broth.

Vegan Miso Spicy Ramen

Then we tried the Tonkotsu Gyokai by Ramen Takagi. The ingredients here are tsukemen (noodles), fish and pork broth, chashu (stewed pork belly), chives, naruto, nori, ajitamago (marinated egg) and menma (bamboo shoots). Thick Tsukemen the noodles were provided by SUN NOODLES.

Tonkotsu Gyokai

It was a VERY salty ramen with heavy flavors of mushrooms and onions. It was also topped with some of the ingredients and the broth separated from the noodles. The noodles in this ramen are meant to be dipped in the broth, which made a more unique portion.

Tonkotsu Gyokai

Tired of ramen yet? Is it even possible? We are in the Tantan Men de Susuru. This bowl was filled hazelnut broth, chicken and pork, pea veal, eggs, chili oil, chives and sesame sauce. The noodles that appear in this ramen are the Corrugated corrugated KAI-16W, also by SUN NOODLES.

Tantan Men

This was our favorite of the six! The ingredients were incredibly tender and the broth was full of flavor that had a bit of spice to it. Don’t worry, though, it wasn’t too spicy! We would definitely order this dish again outside of the event.

Tantan Men

And finally, we have Root Down Ramen by Ichicoro Ramen. This unique dish had roasted pumpkin / mushroom broth, mushroom tare, kabocha pumpkin, carrot, assorted mushrooms, brown corn, chasyu, furikake nugget, negi, ajitama, chili oil and hot spices. The SUN NOODLES noodles were the Classic medium wavy noodles -20W.

Root Ramen

This was one of the most unique branches we have ever had. The pumpkin and corn added a great sweetness to the dish and the egg had a nice salty soy flavor. Plus, the broth tied him up!

Root Ramen

After serving all six ramen, you could vote for your favorite using a QR code. Morimoto Asia chef ended up winning the best ramen of the night with Surf n ‘Turf Ramen.

The event ended with a Mochi Donut for each customer with entry, more sake and beer samples. The Mochi Donuts were a little more chewable than we expected, but very good! They weren’t too sweet, which made them a light and fantastic finish after all the heavy noodles.

Donut Mochi

So what did we think?


Overall, we had a great time at this event. The $ 80 ticket price seems fair for the six bowls of ramen, drink, and dessert you get, plus it’s for a good cause. It was a well-organized evening and the competitive aspect became a unique event. If the Ramen Rumble returns next year, it may be worth a visit for big ramen fans. If you’re looking for a unique night out at Disney Springs, check out the fifth Ramen Rumble.

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