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When Phoebe Bridgers Walking to the set in Soho, New York City last February, he sat straight in the hot seat and said: “Oh my God, how honest can we be?” One hundred percent honest, and then some please. “Urine after sex is my favorite mom’s advice!” He said with a smile, and then everyone on the set was quietly holding the crack, so that the tech wouldn’t be ruined.

If you are familiar with Phoebe Bridge Twitter Or Instagram, You’ll know this comment entirely to Phoebe: she’s outspoken and straightforward, with a dry laugh and a funny smile. Of course in recent weeks, there hasn’t been much laughter and Phoebe has been using her voice to enhance the story and the reasons for it – be it the fight against police brutality or the Black Lives Matter movement, not to mention their rights to the black trans community, black sex workers and more. A lot.

The LA-based 25-year-old is no stranger Talk, His honesty and observances can be visceral, which then feeds into the music – be it his solo work or as part of it Boygenius (With Lucy Dakas And Julien Baker), Or in partnership with Connor Oberst As Better neglected community center. Appropriately, his new record, Punisher (This Friday June 19th) A fine balance of strength and weakness; Lovely and extra instrumental. It’s a sonic left and a stunning follow-up to its 2018 debut Strangers in the Alps.

But let’s go back to the day of her shooting where Phoebe was full of helpful advice, including a carpet about the importance of honesty in the industry, which she read in an interview with her almost-named Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Still, the advice he is often given comes from Phoebe’s childhood friend and former bandmate Haley Dahl. Sloppy Jane.

Check out Phoebe’s best advice:Which has premiered Nylon This morning – above and the rest of the series – with everyone from Lizo Per Tiara Haq, Quincy Jones, Killer, Kathleen Hanna, Karen O., And many more – exactly Here.

Phoebe was keen to pose with this vacuum cleaner and we support this decision.  Photo by Rebecca Miller

Phoebe was keen to pose with this vacuum cleaner and we support this decision. Photo by Rebecca Miller

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