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The big day is tomorrow, but you’ve been there since Tuesday. You had planned to follow a fast service, but now you’re thinking about the October 1st crowd. You have the vision of wandering around the living area like a hawk, with the tray in your hand, waiting for a place to open as the food cools. Suddenly, a meal to sit on sounds a little … nice. But where will you find a reservation in such a short time? Is it even worth watching? Fear not, TouringPlans is already here. Since last Saturday we are supervising the reservations, looking for every meal every day. Below are some of the best options that appeared repeatedly in our searches.

To have breakfast

If you are looking for a breakfast reservation within the Magic Kingdom, you are out of luck. This is the bad news: the good news is that there is a good breakfast just a boat ride away. Wilderness Lodge’s Whispering Canyon Cafe offers a selection of All You Care to Enjoy breakfast pans and à la carte items and serves unlimited top-ups.

Heading to EPCOT, Ale & Compass is a short walk from the yacht resort and offers amazing chocolate wafers on the breakfast menu. What more can you ask for? Ale & Compass also serves a relatively late breakfast, available from 07:00 until 13:30, so you can choose to have lunch here.

Ale & Compass chocolate wafers

In Hollywood studios you can eat inside the park, with reservations often available at Hollywood & Vine. This is a character meal but has the price that comes with it, so unless you’re committed to being in the park, you can go with the chocolate wafers upstairs.

At Animal Kingdom you can find breakfast in the park again, with Tusker House usually available. Breakfast here has received mixed reviews, so if you can sit in Boma (which we saw appeared a couple of times and is a short bus ride away), this might be your best bet.


Once again we find the Magic Kingdom restaurants booked; even Skipper Canteen, which usually has good last-minute availability, didn’t show up in a single search.

At EPCOT, Biergarten was the only restaurant with good availability for lunch; has recently returned to the buffet and received a fantastic meal when our team reviewed it last month. Biergarten not only offers something for everyone, even for those who don’t enjoy traditional German cuisine, but is one of the least expensive buffet options in all of Disney World.

Beer desserts

In the studios, the Prime Time Cafe of the 1950s is one of my favorites and has appeared in all five food reservation searches. I am a fan of fried chicken and his is one of the best. If you want a slightly more exclusive experience where you still don’t have to put your elbows on the table, the Hollywood Brown Derby (known for its Cobb salad and grapefruit pie) also appeared in every lunch quest.

Sample of Mom’s Favorite: Includes delicious fried chicken, with pot roast and meatloaf to boot.

In Animal Kingdom, Yak and Yeti did not have much availability, as they only appeared in two of the five food searches. Although it is relative, this restaurant usually does not appear in last minute searches and receives good reviews constantly. If you see a reservation, you can take it while you can get it. Elsewhere in the park, Tusker House usually had open spaces, as did Tiffins and the Rainforest Cafe. During the summer, Rainforest Cafe was a hard-to-get reservation, but recently it has been fairly easy to find, if I had to imagine I would say this is related to the children’s return to school. Of the three, Tusker House and Tiffins are better bets than the Rainforest Cafe, where food can be used but at a high price for what you get.


You may want to consider a topic here, but there are no restaurants in the Magic Kingdom with good last-minute dinner availability. It’s Disney World’s OG park, so I guess it’s no wonder this is where a lot of people seem to be heading into their fifties.

Moving on to EPCOT, Via Napoli returned a booking spot every time we searched. Italian cuisine is traditional and of high quality, and the pizzas are top notch.

Charcuterie board in Via Napoli

Italian is also the most common find in Hollywood studios, with Mama Melrose the only restaurant listed in all the searches we do here. Both the Hollywood Brown Derby and the 50’s Prime Time appeared in about half of our dinner searches, a noticeable decrease compared to lunch, but it’s still a resource you could easily catch.

Most Animal Kingdom restaurants had good availability for lunch, and this continues during dinner with Tiffins, Tusker House and Rainforest Cafe appearing again in the five searches.

The Lion King Dessert – Tiffins

If you’re planning on taking a break in the afternoon before heading back to one of the new fireworks shows, there are a couple of outstanding options we saw popping up again and again. In Caribbean Beach, Sebastian’s Bistro is a solid meal and can only be moved quickly with Skyliner from EPCOT. The removable rolls here often appear as favorites among diners, but our review team loved the salad and Mojo pork.

Chicken stew from Rioja to Toledo Tapas & Steak

In the Gran Destino tower in Coronado we saw many reserves of tapas, meats and seafood from Toledo. You may want to check out the review because our team has found some of the food worth the price and other items are just meh. But if you’re too dry to go back to the parks and grab a seat at the right time, you should see some of the EPCOT fireworks from the 16th floor premises.

Are you looking for a last minute meal on the 50th? What great reservation did you get? Let us know in the comments.

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